Today started with such promise ….

I woke up early and suited up for a walk in the neighborhood, since the gym is having the floors resurfaced, and I just can’t handle breathing all that.  It was a lovely overcast morning.  I met a few neighbors that hadn’t seen me in a while, and they lifted my spirits with sweet comments about not recognizing me.  🙂  That is always fun.

Everything was going just fine–except I bumped up a pound, and I didn’t cheat yesterday.  I have to tell you: after the suffering I did with the food  for the birthday dinner, I thought I was deserving of a 3 pound loss … I’m just sayin’  but I bumped up almost a pound.  BOO HISS!!!!

Then, I ate too green an apple and gave myself the most horrible tummy ache.  I ended up just layin in the bed with cramps — BOO HISS!!  Weight Gain and tummy ache!  NOT FAIR!  I’m just sayin’!  I did take some Fashion Shots, but I am not going to get them all ready for you to see today — so I am just posing with my new size 6 Long and Lean Gap Jeans!  Yeah!  Talk about something being fun — stuffing myself into those jeans was fun even if my tummy hurt!  😀

Grumpy — you are keeping me on task — I just wanted you to know, because I am so not in the mood to be good right now!

Until tomorrow … WEIGH IN DAY … manana …S

My last skinny jeans and the reason I picked up a new pair that require more focus to wear! 😀

I know it is hard to tell a difference between the two, but I can't stick my arm down this pair. 😀

13 thoughts on “Today started with such promise ….

    • Tori — Hey girl! Thanks for stopping by and making me smile! I loved your comment. I do kinda feel giddy about being in such a small size even if I think they inflated an 8 and called it a 6 — either number is FABO compaired to a 22/24 Womens World. YIKES! 😀

  1. LOOKING HOT!!! Sorry about the tummy ache though lol Wow Shonnie you have just come so incredibly far! Doesn’t it do you good to see a photo when you’re feeling less motivated? It really helped me on Sunday trying on my dress for the wedding and taking some pics – it is much nicer than looking at fat pics 😉 aren’t we just ROCKIN’ 😉 xxx looking forward to your weigh in today! xxx

    • Dizi my girl! LOVE YOU! Thanks for telling me I look hot! hehehe … my tummy was makin’ me nuts. YOU LOOKED HOT in the dress girl! Can’t wait until I am that size! hehehe! Now it is 20 more pounds or so to get into your dress range. Yea! We do Rock even if I say so myself. hehe, 😉

  2. Great job turning a negative into a positive! Often, with my own weight struggles that hardly helps. And I wouldn’t worry so much about being up a pound, it’s only one day, I’m sure you’ll lose it again, that’s the way it goes generally if you stick with it. Good luck!

    • Thanks Quad! I try to keep the positive always at the front of my mind … doesn’t always work … I have my bad days. Thanks again — I will keep pressing forward.

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