Weigh In #43


It was a raining, gloomy day here in Birmingham.  I left for the clinic early because generally things get pretty-darn-sticky with the traffic when it is raining.  Not today … mostly sailed right through.  Was the cloudy rain filled sky a foreboding of how I would fair with the clinic scales?  Who knew ….

They had the building HOT, so hot in-point-of-fact, I took off my jacket and went and stood with my arms in the rain to cool off.  My old weigh-in-outfit was becoming dangerously close to obscene, so I opted for a different, heavier, pair of slacks (yes, I weighed them, so I know they are heavier).  I wore my heavier fuzzy chested gray shirt from last week (yes, I weighed it too and I am NOT ashamed of it either.).  When I told Mike how much my pants weighed, he said that will cost you a half a pound on the scales today–can you deal?  I don’t even remember how much the pants weighed, but I did remember the “cost you a half a pound” part–loud and clear. I had to think and weigh the cost of half a pound over the cost of my diginty.  In the end my dignity won over vanity. I decided I could handle the half pound difference and not be too terribly disappointed.

So without further ado I lost 4.5 pounds today (actually 5 if you take off for the pants–hehe–you knew I could NOT resist making that point!)!!  Yea me! This makes 82.5 pounds  since joining the OpitFast/EatRight program at UAB and a total of 90.6 pounds since starting with Donna the Trainer Nazi Jones.  🙂

My Graphs:

Loseit.com graph of my last 4 weeks ... looks kinda bumpy ... but the end result is alright by me. 😀

I have to say I love the long slope down to the plains then the new lovely dip towards the bottom of the valley! Yea! 😀

A blast from the past ... Just so we can see that 90 plus pounds. In this pic I could have been closer to 275.

Me in the same shirt the other day. 😀

Life happens and setbacks come, but if you don’t give up, and you don’t give in; you can have everything you have wanted and more …. S


28 thoughts on “Weigh In #43

  1. My wife just walked in as I was looking at your photos, said, “Who’s that,” and slapped me on the back of my head. I had to say, “Honey, she’s a fellow blogger, and look, she’s lost 90 pounds.” Great job. Keep up the good work.

    • That’s funny Man! Tell and I have an Autistic son too. We have several things to chat about. 😀 I think I like your wife though. Good ole smack to the back of the head never hurt a thing! 😉

  2. Shonnie: You look marvelous, girlfriend! Go Shonnie, go Shonnie, go Shonnie. . .! Thanks for sharing your pictures. They have given me inspiration. I’m starting diet #110 (over a lifetime) and can use all the inspiration I can get.

    • Girl–you are one strong woman. Come on we can trek down this path together! 😀 Keep me posted on how you are doing so I can put on on the Wall of Fame when you hit your milestones. 😀

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  4. Oh yeah oh yeah OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW FABULOUSNESS ITSELF! Congratulations Shonnie – you deserve a good weigh in and my goodness…. you got one! 😀 you look so little…. sooooooooooooooo PETITE!!!!!!!!!!! Love it 🙂 I’m totally made up for you!!!!!!!!!!! Well done my Rock Chick friend 😉 xxx

  5. HOLY CRAP Good job!

    I know I’m a blog-reading slack-ass, but after reading your last weigh-in and seeing your progress, WOW! You have a TON to be proud of!

    I love how you posted the graphs too. I should do that. Maybe that will help me more with my accountability. Rock on sistah!

    • You are a riot! Thanks for stopping by you BRSA! hahaha! Loved that. I have been a bad blog buddy myself at times. Thanks so much for the compliment. I had just finished reading your latest post in my email. Good for you — getting back on the wagon through the Holidays is tough. We can do this though!

      Sisters united agains the FLAB! 😀

  6. Wow! You are an inspiration! I just started my blog this past week to help me keep on the path to getting to a healthier weight. To see your pix here….wow! you have done a tremendous amount of work…and I saw earlier you fit into size 6 jeans…I will be thrilled to get back into my size 10…not sure if I can ever get into a 6…an 8 would be awesome….LOL. Anyways…I will most definitely check in here to see your continued progress…

    ~Angie aka Mary 😀

    • Thanks 49months!

      hey — it seems like a far fetched idea earlier this year. I barely had hope to move forward when I started this blog. Who knew back in December when I was really angry and struggling for hope that I would end up here in November???

      Keep in touch girl! 😀

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