I’ve been banished

The eyes tell the story ... don't they?

Where you ask?  Can’t you tell by the look in my eyes?  What you can’t read minds via internet connections and facial expressions?  Wow … and I have been worried all this time … that you could see into my soul.  Whew … what a relief.  Well, I have been banished to the basement; devoid of all creature comforts–it isn’t exactly horrible sitting inside my car typing like I have T-Rex arms, but it isn’t screaming comfy.  I think it is a horrible thing to have been banished from the gym by my trainer nazi and now from my home by my daughter.

I tried to go shopping, but that really requires a bigger budget than I  have at the moment, so that was a no go and the whole tornado going over head kinda spoiled my desiree for adventures today.  I know it has passed, but  who knows when the next one will fly through here.  The basement is great for Tornados … what would happen to me if the house fell on my car … that could be bad, still I am staying put.

So poor little Shonnie, sits in her car with no exercise today and no place to rest her weary head.  My head, it is weary from what I am not sure, but it is weary none-the-less. I am hungry and it is not time to eat.  I am tired and it is not time to sleep.  What shall this poor creature do? Let us sing a song of woe … hey nan ne nannie.

I was banished by the Trainer Nazi because the gym is being refinished and that makes me quite ill.  Onnie has run me from my home to train and clean it … so I guess I should be rejoicing.    😉

Ahhh … life always happens when you don’t actually FEEL like dealing with it doesn’t it?

I will be back later with a proper post.  Y’all behave ya hear …  S


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