The Holidays???

The Photo here comes from a site that offers so good tips for new ways of cooking for the Piggy Holiday of Thanksgiving. Click on the picture to get the original article.

Today, I watched my Sophie girl, very early so writing a blog post was almost impossible.  She is getting into everything and completely wears me OUT!  Haha!  Love that little munchkin.  I have been stalking my blogger buddies though.  They got me thinking. While reading two fellow Butt Kicker’s blog posts I realized I haven’t talked much about the upcoming holiday and what my plans are for eating during this season.  These two ladies (Andie and Erica) are offering up good questions and advice for thinking through your strategies for this big gorge fest we call Thanksgiving.  You should check them out.

What am I doing?  Well that one is pretty simple — I am NOT partaking this season.  Not even in small portions that the EatRight folks at UAB recommend; which I might add makes great sense and would work wonderfully for me.  BUT and there is a very BIG but here–I am on a roll.  I do not want to do anything that would mess this up, and for me it doesn’t seem to take much to throw things off.  I mean really–would you give up your weight loss roll for a special meal?  I am just not feeling it.  There will be other Thanksgivings and Christmases where I can partake in wise portions–just not this one.

I am going to have a HUGE challenge facing me.  I am going out of town–driving back home to Louisiana to see family for a reunion.  There will be all manner of food-mines waiting for me to step on and blow me off my course.  Am I nervous?  Yeah.   Big time!  I have to pre-make my food options and then maneuver all the well meaning folks who are going to be offering me “just a bite” of this thing or another.

I have a plan for the day, but it just dawned on me … I didn’t plan all my meals!  What?  Now, I am going to have to rush around figuring out what food I am going to pre-cook for myself to eat in a hotel and as I move around family.  I really don’t want to take just OptiFast products–even though they are a great back up.  I need a PLAN!  Help?  I have the plan for the food I am taking for everyone else completely planned–I just can’t eat potatoe casserole (with cream cheeze and several other yummy cheeses) or much else I am bringing.   I am very fortunite that most of my family are VERY supportive, but still, what is the deal with folks telling you, while you are trying NOT to slip up, that everyone needs a treat every now and again???

So guys — any food ideas that don’t go over 200 calories that would be easy to pack and take traveling?  Keep in mind I will be in a hotel with a microwave, but no other means of cooking.  Since I won’t be preparing my sage butter stuffed under the skin turkey wrapped in applewood smoked bacon, or the fat ladden sweet potato casserol, or the wildrice and mushroom stuffing for left overs–I kinda need a food plan.  Hahahah!  I’m really fine–really I am.  I know I can hold my own with Fried turkeys and God only knows what else will be there–I refuse to think of what deserts might show up, besides my daughters cheese cakes.  YIKES!


Do you have any good, sound, confident replies to all the food pushers?

Blessings ….S

12 thoughts on “The Holidays???

  1. Carry around a plate with food on it (preferably food you CAN eat, so you don’t accidentally eat something you shouldn’t). Move from group to group a lot. Don’t be at the food line at the same time as other people.

  2. Is there any family member you can tell ahead of time who will spread the word to others, before you arrive, that you are on a really restricted eating plan? Someone who’ll be more blunt than you would be and just tell people to shut up and not try to push food on you?

    I’m not entirely sure what you do and don’t eat right now, so forgive me if I suggest something you hate or can’t eat. You should be able to put together portions of these that don’t take you over 200 calories. I don’t know what your carb goals are, either…

    Can you prep some turkey and mashed cauliflower at home that you can heat up in the hotel so you have the turkey taste and mashed potato texture? Or even take it with you to the family gathering? That way, you can have a plate of what looks like turkey and mashed potatoes to hold, which might forestall some people. Keep cold in a cooler or mini-fridge & heat up when you eat it.

    A big turkey cobb/chef salad? Lots of lettuce, spinach, and red cabbage, smoked turkey, chopped egg, tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers, and jicama spears? That, too, you can keep cold in a cooler or hotel mini-fridge. And, it can fill a big plate if you opt to eat it when eating with others.

    I have to confess – I find it easier to just do my shakes when I’m on the road. Shakes & lots of sparkling water so I feel like I’m getting a treat.

    Good luck!

    I’ve got more of my Thanksgiving strategy here – I’ve been planning all month.

    • Andie — THANKS for all the great ideas!! those were some GREAT ideas and I will check out your other page to see what all you have written. Your Turkey cake was so cute. I am not a baker — I am a good cook of real food. I love cooking and making savory things. I always appreciate bakers though — my oldest Daughter is a fantastic baker! 😀 She is watching her calories too so at least I will have her there with me. 😀

    • The pic was of some great healthy options for the Holiday. I have to tell you — I wish I was eating because that is what I would do!! Hahaha — but I am not. I am going to keep pressing forward. 😀

  3. Stick to your plan, Shonnie, I will be thinking of you and I know you will be so glad you did!!! Been there, done that, doing it again this holiday season. So worth the incredible sense of lightness of body and mind. Yes it’s challenging. But it’s not anything you can’t do and do with finesse 😉

    • Thanks Aurora. I will be sticking to it. I just have to figure out a few more completed meals to take with me on the road. I don’t know why I just thought of “The DAY!” Hahaha. Thanks for standing with me. 😀

  4. The food looks delicious, I have no idea of what I will be fixing for Thanksgiving, but I do know that I need to come up with something real fast before the day gets here. All of us that are on a weight loss journey need to watch what we consume during the holidays, because if we don’t we are the ones that will pay for it in the long run.

    • You are so right — who wants to get ourselves on a bad roll. Even though one day isn’t going to crash all our work, it is possible it could set us off on an eating binge for weeks. That pic has a link to a site with some good ideas for healthy food for Thanksgiving. Thanks for stopping by! 😀

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