Good Morning ladies and gents.  I hope your Sunday morning is bright and sunny, even if it might be crisp and chilly, and that you are in a fine state of mind.  I am in a fine state of mind.  It could be that the scales dipped down a tad 8 tenths a pound this AM, making me 169.2 pounds.  Yea — do the happy dance.

Stats (stolen idea from Grumpy):

263    — Donna “the Trainer Nazi” Jones

255    — Starting weight with OptiFast

169.2 — Today’s weight on my scales.  Yeah Baybey!

I could really use, (All you Butt Kicker Club guys and gals out there losing weight), help posting your achievements on the Butt Kicker’s Wall of Fame.  Especially Beth, Daisy, Grumpy, Optifast Loser, and Testy, collecting information on your mile stone accomplishments.  Some of these folks have lost over 150 pounds all by themselves — I think that should be celebrated.  If you are working to lose weight and are not in the club comment on the BKC wall and let me know YOU wanna BECOME ONE!!  😀

Not only celebrated, but highlighted for others to find.  Not everyone loses the same way, and I wanted to create a place where we can all share our journeys of weight loss where the seekers of help can find a multitude of different paths to choose from.  This way, they can find which path works for them.  It is completely fine with me if you make a Butt Kickers Club page on your blog as long as you give a direct link back to me with the instructions for those who wish to join. This way we all can bind together to create a community of weight loss bloggers.

Please help me get your mile stone accomplishments on the BKWoF won’t you?  😀  

Once you have joined the BKC how do you get me the info?

Well, that is simple and easy as ONE, TWO, THREE.

  1. You pick out your blog posts that highlight your accomplishments (if you started your blog after your milestones — pic a post that you feel would have been helpful for you just starting your journey losing weight).
  2. Then post those links on the BKWoF’s comments section
  3. And I will add those to the BKWoF page for others to find.

See … it is easy breezy!  No, we aren’t cover girls, but we are even better.  We are real people fighting the battle of obesity and winning one ounce at a time!  We are all amazing.  Why?  Because we keep on pressin‘ on and that makes us winners even before we lose a pound.


Blessings guys!  Waiting for your comments to the BKWoF’s page …S


  1. An exciting milestone for you and a great way for everyone to celebrate each other’s milestones and learn from how they did it.

    Everyone is truly different, and so is each of their journeys.

    • Thanks. I think it is good for people like me who don’t fit into many boxes to have a few things to look at. I don’t think there is just one way to skin a cat, because we are all so different. 😀

    • Thanks … do look and I am going to start posting those that I have. I am very excited about it. I love reading all you guys stories. I think other folks would enjoy them too. 😀

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