Weigh In #44


Well, guys … that didn’t happen today, not officially at the clinic.  I have had more things on my plate than I have been able to juggle.  I used to be a great juggler of my life and lately I just seem to be creating messes where ever I go.  I bizarrely made another appointment for the same time???  Just shows how messed up my brain is lately.    😦

I did weigh myself this morning and I am still headed downward.  I was at an all time low of 167.4.  I have to say I was major league excited.  Here is the record of my 4 week loseit.com chart for your viewing pleasure:

I find it interesting how bumpy my daily weigh in looks. Almost like a heart beat. YIKES! But the end result is DOWN. 🙂

Shonnie likes dis chart.  Because it has been many, many years since she saw these kinds of numbers.  There is also the fact that she usually weighs less on the clinic scales — not always — but normally!  Likin’ dis!   She is pressing very close to my daughters sizes … this is kinda fun … until she thinks about them wearing her clothes like Shonnie did with her poor mothers.  She must add that she was rough on clothing.  🙂

She knows this one is short and sweet, but sister is T.I.R.E.D!  It hasn’t helped that she has cooked all day long … food she cannot eat.     😦

She got’s ta go ta bed … tomorrow will start earlier than she wants it too.  Blessings y’all ….. S

15 thoughts on “Weigh In #44

  1. Congrats on the downward spiral 😉 The only time you want to progress downward; lol!! But you are doing fantastic even during this week of feasting…keep it up! It’s only another day and they ALL are special so we celebrate life everyday in so many other ways; a hug, a kiss, a dance, a song….sunshine, raindrops, butterflies, rainbows…. Food is just a part of life, it helps give life, but it isn’t life. You, my friend, have overcome and will be victorious in God’s eyes!!

    • THANKS Barbara!

      Thank you for always coming back to visit and saying such sweet things. It has been such a long journey for me this year and your constant encouragement has been a HUGE blessing. Thank you so much! 😀

  2. Oh, wow! I know that it’s been I while since I last stopped by to visit your blog, and I must say that you’re doing an awesome job. I’m so proud of you,and I miss all of you. However, I wished that We could have continued the UAB Eat Right Program. Things just have been going in like a downward spiral since we left the program.

    Like My mother just recently came home from the Hospital Last Tuesday from having another abscess on her stomach for like the 4th time. My edema is getting worse by the day, and I feel like a huge balloon, or better yet a butter ball turkey lol. Congrats on all of your weight loss success that you’re having 🙂

    with Love,

    • NESHA!!! How, are YOU girl! Miss you so much! That makes me hurt thinking about your edema!! I so wish you all could come back to the program. What in the world caused your mom to have an abscess?? Love you girl … please take good care of yourself. Wishing you the very best in your new venture! May you be extremely successful! 😀

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