MIA for a Holiday

Hope your Holiday was grand.

My family reunion was fabO!  My family was fantastic.  I couldn’t not have asked for a more blessed event.  So many were able to make it and the weather (which was forecast to be horrible) held out and allowed us a gloriously sunny event and only started to rain as we were wrapping things up. I seriously had a most wonderful time with my family.  We are a lively and slightly motly crew of people … smart and wickedly funny … even if I do say so myself.    😉

To add icing to an already yummy cake … I had a serendipitous meeting with some of my mother’s family who I had not seen for about 15 years in person.  It was amazing!  The reunion was for my father’s 7 sibblings and their offspring–so the other was an unexpected treat.

Notice the food reference??  Well … things kinda went down hill for me in the weight department.  This is where the happy post ends … and the Rant and the use of copious ……. dot dot dots begin.  Please indluge me in my rant … won’t you???  I promise I will return to my normal happy self  …. most likely tomorrow.

My weight loss was not, and I did not cheat.  I am in a horribly foul mood as a result.  Not that I think I look bad or that I feel like all my efforts are for naught, but I am sick (insert favorite swear word here) and tired of flatlines of any kind.  I was BLANKIN’ good.  I didn’t CHEAT … I watched people eat YUMMY food.  I smelled biscuits cooking–every BLANKIN’ day–while I ate my BLANKIN’ portions faithfully while the scales remained FLAT!

I am NOT in a very good mood.  I smelled cheese cakes bake, fudge-caramel-pecan-cheese cake-brownies bake, I smelled my favorite potatoes bake …. and my favorite sweet potato casserole … smelled hams grillin’, chicken grillin’, beef brisket grillin’ ….. and I ate my portioned food as planned.  NOT one ounce down … in fact I bounced up!!!  Days of flatline and then I bounce up.  I am ready to pull the walls down and shout swear words so profane the sailors will blush.

I’m just sayin’ … when a girl suffers this bad … she should be rewarded.  I think that is only fair.  I want this blasted deal to be OVER already — it will NEVER be over with all this stallin’ goin’ on!


I know, I know … look how far I have come.  Sorry … but I am having a tantrum right now, and you will have to wait for the sane Shonnie to return tomorrow.  I am BLANKIN’ hungry, and there is no room in my calorie allotment for ANY THING else!  I don’t wanna be happy right now.  I am Blankin’ Angry.

It’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to … cry if I want too!  You would cry too if it happened too you ….  S


10 thoughts on “MIA for a Holiday

  1. Blanking is the word but then some food is so delicious even the smell of it can be fatening I suppose. You know you’ve done brilliantly and its natural for the body to take a rest, even if the timing is a bit cruel. Most important thing. You met all your famlly again and had a fabulous time. Thats what you will remember in the long term. I’m sure you know that already

    • Blankin’ is me trying to control my strong desire to shout profanity even in written form–and yes the food smells so good it seems the fat is airborne. Thanks for all the encouragement and allowing me to vent. You are correct — I caught up with some very special folks this weekend. Love them so much. It was a tad emotional, that could have also been pressing on my resolve to move forward.

  2. I’d be tantruming too if I were you! Would it help if I patted you on the back and said “Great job! You are a total blanking studmuffin!” ? Because you are! I wasn’t a good girl at all; I partook when I shouldn’t have and I totally regret it.

    Do you regret eating perfectly? Even if you didn’t lose, and even went up a bit, you can look back and have no regrets. : ) You did everything right. The great losses will catch up with you.

    • Jennifer — Thanks for the pat on the back. I needed it that yesterday. love the studmuffin part! hehe! 😀 No, I don’t regret sticking to my plan, but it was quite painful. Today it is easier to be happy. 😀

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