A Teeny Wienie Update in Pics

Sorry for my absense — it has NOT be my desire.  Life!


I weighed 161.8 yesterday and 162.6 this AM … what a downer after sitting through bread, potatoes, and butter, without cheating I might add,  to just bounce back up!  Boo Hiss!


So, to bring you up-to-date here is a photo collage of my and Mikey’s outing last evening.  We were celebrating a friends Big 60th birthday —Dean Jones is losing it and Donna the Trainer Nazi Jone’s hubby!  We had a blast dancing and hanging out with some amazing folks.  A Lovely time was had by all.

Me and Mikey at The Club! 😀

Me in my outfit for the evening. 🙂

Me and pudgy back ... Oh well ... we have come a LONG way! 😀

... kinda trying to get used to the smaller me.

Me and Donna "The Trainer Nazi" Jones 😀


21 thoughts on “A Teeny Wienie Update in Pics

  1. I’ve been busy for a while also. This time when I checked the pictures, I made sure my wife wasn’t behind me. What I see is that not only are you looking great, but your eyes seem to have changed a little. I’m not sure what it is, but it may be happiness, a new zest for life, or even confidence. The look on your husbands face is easier to read. He looks like the happiest man in the world! Keep up the good work.

    • You crack me up man! I would hate to be the cause of your getting a beating from your wife. 😉

      My hubby is the best Bothered! 😀 He has always looked at me with eyes of love, and I am feeling pretty excited about getting to my goal.

  2. WHOOOOOAAAAA WHOSE THAT LADY? You are looking super HOT my little rock chick! 😉 161/62? that’s AMAZING!!! You’re positively SKINNY! 😀 you and Mikey look so gorgeous together – and I LOVE Donna – I wish I had your Donna in my life!!!!! I’ve done ZILCH exercise :/ this is not good I know! Love the photos Shonnie! I’m so proud of you!!!!!!! xxx

  3. You are looking so good girl…..at least 10 years younger too! Glad this is also bringing health benefits 🙂 It the younger you, not a new you! You go Grandma…show the rest of us how it is done!

  4. You are bee-you-tea-full! Who cares about the pudgy back? You’ve never looked better, in my humble opinion. Um, completely unrelated, but WordPress appears to have snow falling on the blog… huh. Who knew? Okay, done with my squirrel-moment. The important thing is that you look absolutely gorgeous!

    • Haha … well I set the snow thing up last year this time when I started my blog. It will go until sometime in January. Hehe! I must look back and see when I started leaving my thoughts around for folks to find.

      Thanks for the props — I still have a bit of trouble seeing myself as slim. I keep discovering new things. 😀

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