Weigh in #46


Hi!  How are ya?

I am pretty great today, even if my weight loss is slowing down.  I got a bunch o stuff to show ya today.  🙂

So without any attempt at making an ado about today I lost 3.5 pounds today and I weight 160 even!!  Yea me! This makes 95 pounds  since joining the OptiFast/EatRight program at UAB and a total of 103 pounds since starting with Donna the Trainer Nazi Jones.  🙂

I received this from LOSEIT.com -- cuz they count when I started with Donna. I will post this again when I make it to 100 with the OptiFast Program! 😀

Totally cool don't cha think? I do! hehe! 🙂

This has been a year to remember.  Things have happened to me over this year that I almost had given up on ever seeing happen for me and my family.  You can take a look back when I started this blog on my Day 2 post about the Why, the why I was angry.  I started this blog to keep myself from quitting.  Wouldn’t it have been a sad thing if I had given up?  I think so often we stop just shy of finding the answers we seek to the problems in our life.  I know that has been my past experience, every time I gave up I was generally just before a win.  This one was a 20 year battle of constantly losing the every battle I undertook against the horrible foe of OBESITY.  This last ditch attempt … was alas where I won my war with the dreaded villain Obesity.  I realize the next step in the war with obesity is keeping it off.  I will you know.  I will.

My year's view ... gotta say that I love this slope! 🙂

I started with program with a BMI of 41.8 — I was morbidly obese and was in continual fear of dying.  Today’s BMI was 26.2.  Way good!  I am getting so close to being in the ideal range for my height of 24.  I was reminded today by the Evil Dr. Ard (who mind you is the total opposite of evil–he has too cute a grin) that I didn’t think I would really lose … he said and look at you now.  I have never been so happy to be wrong about something.  Then Lindsey chimed in with another of my lovely comments — “I never lose over 30 pounds on a diet.”  She was giving me a sweet gentle ribbing … and I so love that they were RIGHT and I was Wrong!  I admit — I WAS WRONG!!

Gotta love the BMI chart! hehehe! 😀

I have to say THANKS to Donna “The Trainer Nazi” Jones and Dean Jones for MAKING me start this program.  Without these two people I would NEVER have met Dr. Ard and Lindsey Lee at the EatRight Clinic and I would still be Morbidly Obese instead of being very close to an IDEAL weight for my height.  There truly are not appropriate words to express my appreciation for these two people that I adored before this, but now … they are beyond special to my heart.  Love you guys.  You truly are the best and THANK YOU so much for making me do this.

I’m pretty happy — I am so close to my jumping off spot.  150 is the goal so that means I will lose to 140 and then start my weight training and all my FUN souped-up-some-concider-extreme exercise!  Getting ready for my CENTURY RIDE and my race in Texas.  Yeah baby!  I’m doin’ the happy dance … come on dance with me!


Blessings …..S

27 thoughts on “Weigh in #46

  1. Happy Dancing with you! I lost about that much, give or take, a couple of years ago… everything is soooo much easier. So glad you hung in there, girlie 🙂 Can you hear my heels clicking and clacking together in an eternal happy dance for you? Because they are! Awesomeness 😉

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  3. Some words that inspired me through my own weight loss:

    “We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training.”
    – Archilochus, Warrior Poet

    Keep training, keep strong. You already have the fortitude and discipline in you, you only need to recognize it, every day, every moment.

    Peace & grace,

  4. Holy Smokes! Boom goes the dynamite!



    Woot woot!

    I’m jealous that you are about to crack into the 50s.
    I’m surrounded by piles of food at work. Well maybe not surrounded but the kitchen is just a few feet away. 😀
    Great Fantastic Job! 😀

  5. I was so excited when I saw the 100 pound badge that I let out a really weird little yelp, and my husband came running because he thought I dropped something on my foot. No, wait, he grunted ‘you ok?’ without budging from the table … but he noticed.

    WOW! I just went back to read your why post, and that’s a huge part of why I’m angry. You are such a great example of how to channel that rage & make it work for you. Thank you a million times for posting your story and encouraging me.

    Just awesome.

    What race in Texas, by the way?

    • Thanks Andie! 😀

      That is funny about the yelp. I am so glad you weren’t hurt! Thanks for taking the time to go back and read. It is amazing what has happened in a little under a year! 😀

      The Martindale triathlon. I was not able to make it the race this year because of a back injury. 2010 My hubby ran seven miles; I biked the 16.5 miles; and we both rowed the 5.5 mile river. had a blast … ready to go back a 100 pounds lighter! 😀 Yep, I got on that bike at 255 and pressed onward. 😀

      Here is a video of it.

  6. You absolutely positive rock. You are knock out beautiful and such a role model! I am so very proud of you! And I have to say, you have one of the most supportive husbands (besides mine) I have ever seen. You have made a permanent life style change! Press on beautiful sister!

    • I agree with you about our Hubbies! The are the best on the planet … well … I am sure there are a few others that are as good. 😀 Thanks for all your support–it has been very nice to have along this very bummpy journey. 😀

  7. Wow. When you look at it everyday, it seems like such a long time. But really it was only a year, and you have changed your life. “Thank you!!” to all these wonderful people who have been with you and helped you along your way!!

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