Oh MY …..

Lions, tigers, and bears …. OH MY!  There are no lions, no tigers, and no bears, just BRAIN FOG.  Not the kind you can die from, just the kind that will cost you lots of time figuring out what you went to the fridge for.  As if I really have many choices … how could I forget them?

Tomorrow is WEIGH IN DAY!  YIKES!  How did I forget that??? Who the HECK knows.  I sure don’t.

I am so ready to wind down my diet … but, alas, I am not at my goal.  Yesterday, my weight was 157. something, and today my weight was 158.4?  HUH?  I was PERFECT yesterday.  BUT … I forgot to take my fluid pill and my second thyroid med — that could be part of the problem.  Then, there is the whole Potty problem I have experienced since starting back up this go round.  I have been running the extremes fluid or congested — oh YUM!

Back to the weigh in … I went and lifted weights!  DUMB, DUMB, DUMB, now, I will weigh more and have NO clue what if any weight I lost.  What was I thinking???  NO idea!  I think I am just off these last few days.

I am about to wind up my diet push for this season.  I have my meal plan from Lindsey to keep me static while I go to ALASKA to see my soon to arrive Grand Son.  YEA!  Sadly, I didn’t make it to my goal weight or my 10 pounds below mark.  Sad.  Sad.  Sad.  I will be going back at it in January when I return, that is if I return before January is over.  So many variables!

Well, I gotta turn in before I turn into a pumpkin.

Y’all be blessed ya here!  S

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