Weigh In #47


I think that is the correct weigh in number!  Hahaha!  I have kinda lost track.  I am very sorry to be posting about this so being so late.  I hope I did not worry any of you!  I didn’t have a bad day, not as good as I hoped for, but still a good day.  Smile.

I am going to start off my post with some Q and A.

Should you worry about maintaining your weight loss?

I think each person embarking upon the difficult journey to lose a substantial amount of weight asks themselves this fearful question: Will I keep off the weight I have worked so hard to lose?  I know I have wondered this question over and over during my year long pilgrimage to healthier me.

The answer here is: it depends on the person and their application of what they discovered about the way their body reacts toward food minus activity during their migration from obesity to health.

At EatRight the guess work is taken out of what or how much food you need to consume to maintain your now achieved goal.  They give each participant a Resting Metabolism Test so you know just about spot on how much food you can consume and maintain your weight.

Tips to keep your weight off:

Log your food.

Weigh regularly.

Exercise regularly.  (Mix it up.  Interval training with weights is your best bet for keeping weight off.)

I believe having an accountability group is major important.

Be honest when you chose to eat above your daily allowed caloric goal … get back on your program the next day.  One day will NOT undo all your hard work.  One week won’t either … but if you hide from the scale … that is where weight loss gets derailed.

Is one weight more difficult to maintain than another?  Lets say is 130 or 140 pounds more difficult to maintain than say 185?  

According the Experts at UAB …. drum roll please … NO.  Emphatically NO.  Maintaining any weight depends upon the person and their drive and will do practice what they learned while losing the weight.  See Tip above for how to do this.

Before I jump into my weight this week … I have one more thing to say about will you gain your weight back.  I know there are numerous studies out there that say most if not all people who lose gain their weight back and more.  I believe a positive attitude affects all outcomes.  I am rarely like anyone else in anything medical … so why should I start being the norm now??

I have decided that I am going to do what ever it takes to maintain my weight.  I have expert help that is always there for me should I encounter a problem or have a set back … they WILL be there for me.

I’m NOT going to GAIN my weight back.

What are you saying?  Do you believe you can be an exception to that rule??  Or do you live in fear that you will be a statistic? I think you can be an exception … do you want to be?  I heard a man say when you want to succeed as much as you want to breath … you will succeed.  Let’s DO IT!  😀

Now to make an ado about today lost 3 pounds today and I weight 157 even!!  Yea me! This makes 98 pounds  since joining the OptiFast/EatRight program at UAB and a total of 106 pounds since starting with Donna the Trainer Nazi Jones.  :)  I had some other cool things shift around today.  BMI  yeah … yeah … yeah … girl friend is ALMOST in NORMAL range.  How amazing does that sound?  From Morbidly obese to almost normal in a year!  I like de sound of DAT!  Yeah, I do!

See ... how close I am with my BMI of 25.7 down from my high of 41.8 yeah Babey! 😀 Love the Loseit.com charts! 😀

My desirable Rance regarding the percent of over all Fat in my body is between 23 – 34%.  I am at 36.6% … talk about exciting news.  I lost 4 pounds of fat this week while gaining a pound of muscle … way like the sound of that!  😀

wow ... what a bumpy ride down to settle at 157. Still I like my Loseit.com charts. 🙂

I was really hoping to make it to 100 pounds lost with OptiFast today, but that was not to be.  Still, I lost.  That is wonderful, so I will rejoice in my blessing today.  Maybe next week I will lose the 2 pounds needed to make it there.  It could happen.

Blessings …..S

17 thoughts on “Weigh In #47

  1. Shonnie, your post reminded me of a quote I found on Pinterest.com… I think it’s becoming my mantra: “Losing weight is hard, maintaining weight is hard, staying fat is hard; CHOOSE YOUR HARD.”

  2. I think it’s important to not be too concerned with what the scale says. There are so many factors to take into account that it doesn’t see, such as water weight, muscle mass vs body fat, etc. The important thing is to just do your best every day, every moment. The goal isn’t to be a certain weight or look a certain way; it’s to live a certain discipline. There are no diets, only a way of life.
    Peace & strength,

    • Thank Miro. 🙂 I appreciate your stopping by and leaving me a comment.

      The really cool thing … is the scales at the clinic DO take all those things into account. I lost 4 pounds of fat and gained a pound of muscle. I was very pleased with that. The clinic scales are bizarre. You have to step on them barefooted and you stand there for a bit while it does it’s analysis. It could be off a bit and such, but it is very nice to know when your fluid is up or you gained muscle as apposed to fat. REALLY helps keep you calm when you gain if all you gained was muscle and water weight.

      I am a member for life — so I will continue to weigh on that scale so I have a good idea of what is what.

      Thanks again for reading. I appreciate you.

  3. Congrats again girl……you certainly deserve it for finding a healthier way of life and sticking with it 🙂

  4. SO true! I, too, have been a medical mystery on so many fronts. I should have realized that sets me up perfectly for not gaining back this weight. Congrats on all of the great numbers.

  5. Bumpy ride or otherwise, your charts and graphs always make my day. They’re straight reflections of some of your quantifiable successes! Good day or bad day, your results are truly astonishing to me.
    Well done!

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