What’s a good Weight to weigh?

A window to the past.

What qualifies as a healthy weight?  How do we or they (the they that figures and makes charts of what we should weigh) decide what is the correct weight for a person to weigh?  These are important questions for those of us on the weight-loss pilgrimage in search of health.

I know that I am talking a lot about what the naysayers heaped upon my, already weary from my journeys, plate, but there is always something to learn even from those who might sling mud in your face.  If only that we won’t stand near such a person again.  I have always been of a mind that you have to examine your position and beliefs from a skeptic’s point of view.  If you don’t or can’t answer their questions, then do you “REALLY” believe what you say?  I do not think it is ever wise to just surround yourself with those people who think exactly like you do.  As my father is fond of saying, “If we all agree, all the time on every point, then some of us are not necessary.”  I agree with him on this even when I do NOT like what is being said to me.

So, I have pondered on the naysayer’s thoughts, comments, and attacks.  Today, I am looking back over the span of my life and using my own body and that of my mother as my guide for what is a healthy weight for me.

In the opening photo collage, you see me in the middle as I was as a very young person weighing in at a hefty 115 to 118 pounds most days.  At that time in my life 120 pounds was considered FAT!  What the young Shonnie would have said if she had been told she would be morbidly obese — she would have told you that you were crazy.  She was an exercise instructor at a health club at the time the middle picture was taken.  She could not grasp the concept that things could happen to a person beyond their control where their own body would become their worst enemy.  Young Shonnie would have looked at Obese Shonnie and told OB Shonnie that she was OUT of control.  Then, she would have proceeded to point out the simple fact that all OB Shonnie needed to do was work harder and eat less, and then, she wouldn’t be in such terrible risk with her health.

The other thing you see from the middle photograph is that Shonnie does NOT have big bones and her body frame was NEVER meant to hold such weight as she has carried for so long.

NOTE: ****I am NOT trying to regain my youthful figure!  Weighing in at 115 to 118 pounds would have me looking, for real, like a crack whore!  YIKES!  I can skip that if you don’t mind.****

I am extremely excited about how much my picture from November has me looking like a mature version of myself.  I can see the woman I expected to see these days, not the bloated pained woman of last year.  I like that.

When you look at the second collage of photos you see better how lean and slight my frame is beneath the layer of fat that covers it still.  The second in the series is of me when on my honeymoon with Mike.  I considered 130 to be fat at this time.  You can see, even after two children, the 120s does not look bad on me. It is not too skinny for me if I should wish to lose that far–in point of fact, it would have me squarely inside the center of my BMI scale.  My sister has NEVER left the 120s for the majority of her life, and she does NOT look haggard or like a crack whore.  The photo of me from last Christmas is so very painful.  It was buried deep in my stack of photos that were never to be seen.  Yet here I am showing the horrid pictorial evidence of my obesity to you all.  As painful as the evidence may be, I believe it is important to make myself look at where I have come from as I make my decisions about where I am going.

My little Sister and myself ... a few years ago. While she doesn't look a lot different ... I seriously do! 😀

My Momma. I think she is a complete hottie ... but shhh don't tell my Dad that I said that in public. hehe 😉

Looking at my sister and my mother, I can garner what weight would look good and be healthy for my body.  My sister is a touch shorter than I am, so weighing in her 120 range is probably too slight for me, even though it looked good on me in my 20’s.  My mother is 20 years older than me and about the same height so her range of 143 to 150 is more where I feel I should shoot, even though when she was my age she barely weighed 130 if that much.  After years of being morbidly obese. I do not feel that pushing to the ideal weight of 130 would look all that great on me — so vanity says no.  My doctors felt that my goal was a good, reasonable, attainable, and maintainable.  It will also maximize my ability to manage my health for many years to come.  That excites me … A LOT!

Just in case you are wondering … I’m not soliciting advice about my weight goal … I am totally good.  😀

I’ve been trapped inside a torture chamber that I could not escape for many years … I am so very excited about my life these days.  I have such a hope for the future.  Life’s good.


Blessings … S

9 thoughts on “What’s a good Weight to weigh?

  1. What a great idea, to pull old pictures of yourself… to get you used to the idea of being at a familiar, but almost forgotten size again! And to shield yourself against the naysayers.

    My sister asked me a question awhile back that I’ve been pondering, have been trying to write about, but can’t quite nail it yet: “How does the journey seem to you? How are you making yourself ready to be that size? It seems like you almost have to go back to the age you were at that weight last and emotionally work through what has happened in your life since then, sort it out and put it in its place as the adult you are now—kinda like your body’s time clock of life.”

    What do you think, Shonnie? How would you answer that question? : ) I’m a bit scared to try… But I may start with a pictorial diary like you’ve just shared. Mind if I copy you? : )

  2. I agree that the doctor’s charts are not accurate for everyone. I believe those charts say I should weigh between 140 and 160 (or somewhere close to that range), but I just could not imagine myself there! I was around 180 when I was in my teens…and I was fine (healthy, felt good about my body, was able to do anything I wanted to physically, etc.). This whole personal “debate” is precisely the reason I have not really set a specific “final” weight goal for myself. I assume that I’ll know when I arrive there…right? 🙂

    You do look fabulous, Shonnie…by the way. 🙂


  3. I compared the Nov 2011 to the 1981 picture and thought the same as you…. you look exactly the same … just a day or two older. So beautiful Shonnie. Thanks for sharing the before pictures. You give people hope and inspiration.

  4. So mind-blowing how far you’ve come appearance and health-wise, Shonnie. Fabulous! I’ve experienced similar problems with the goal weight. It’s like, why can’t my goal be what it was when I was in my twenties? But I guess we can’t pick where the weight goes, or leaves, and that makes a difference. If only we could say, take some from my thighs but not my face, for example! Oh well. I’m sorry some of your commenters were so hurtful – shame on them. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to express anything but excitement and congratulations for your achievements!

    • It has been an eventfull year for me. It is a bit overwhelming at times. It was confusing for me as well OB. Then … I just figure you have to have some opposition along the way. I know for a fact that I am not alone in this. Dean Jones is Losing it … had the same thing happen to him.

      Yeah … the body just doesn’t lose exactly like we would like … not at mature ages anyway! haha! 😀 Still, I am so very happy to be where I am. Very close to my goal. Wish I could have made it before Christmas and I had to jump off the ride for a bit.

  5. Well I have to say when you put on that really sexy black dress you bought for yourself I was so excited for you!!! You looked like a teenage girl seeing her self in the mirror as beautiful and sexy!!! Can’t forget that great expression it was what they say as “priceless”! Love all the REAL determination you have had for so long! You got one Hell of a present for yourself this year… Your health!

  6. Shonnie,
    I think that when you reach a weight that makes you feel good about you and you are healthy, then there is where you should be. I am one of those people who tend to look better with just a little more weight on me so if I got down to 145-150 I would probably look fabulous…just as you do!


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