Today is almost over …

Tomorrow is almost come

My body it has been weary

no relief, no rest, no fun


Today my spirit’s been at battle with my flesh

My hope, my prayer … that on the morrow

I find again health restored and my body refreshed

for weakness I do deplore


Oh … light of heaven

light of earth

bring me health

with tomorrows birth.



6 thoughts on “Today is almost over …

  1. Dear Shonnie…Don’t feel bad…you are doing so great…inspiring many people including me…you look really beautiful…your face has such great definition…high cheekbones…and it’s funny how when you are doing so well and someone makes a negative comment and it sort of really rocks your boat. That happened to me years ago when I had finally reached a healthy weight…it sort of put me right off my game. I think your mind is catching up with the new you too…it takes time I believe…so hang in there! I love all your photos and when you dress up in your ‘hooker’ shoes…etc etc…you are certainly a striking looking woman! Take heart and just *sit through* your feelings this chaotic time of year! Blessings and love! Kay xxx

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