Yeah … I been MIA … so sue me!

Where have I been??

First I was pooky, sickly, and generally feeling like POOH.  I laid in the bed and read fellow bloggers’ posts, but couldn’t pull together the thoughts that were roaming about my head into a cohesive thought worthy of sharing.  So I stared at blank pages and wondered when I would feel like writing again.  I suppose I should have come on and shared my dilemma, but I couldn’t even type that.  I just lingered in a brain dead state for many days.

I wanted to get well, so that I could wear my “GOAL” dress that I fit into last week and jumped about like a small child at Christmas upon realizing that I could fit into the dress comfortably.  I rushed around, before I got sick, to find a jacket to wear over my dress while dancing should I become uncomfortable bearing so much of my ample breasts–found a cute furry one.  Looked for shoes, didn’t find ANYTHING, so I got myself some ball-of-foot pads and made my shoes fit with hosiery.  It has just been plain too cold to go bare legged — just sayin’. I was all set … and then ….

I get sickly.  I start to feel like doggy pooh.  I am growing in concern that I will not make it to the dance if this gets any worse, so I sleep and read my buddies’ blogs and comment occasionally.  So the day of the event comes, it was last night, and I feel reasonably well, EXCEPT for one thing ….

I have had some gastrointestinal issues of late … rather troublesome things to have.  To be specific, and I really don’t even like typing the word, constipation.  Nothing had worked for three days leading up to my event.  Still, my body refused to budge, no movement even the day of the event.  I hadn’t gained any weight, so who would have guessed this no movement situation would affect the way my dress fit??  I had NO idea it would do this.

My bloated tummy pushed up my ample breasts and caused a frightening level of exposure.  My neighbor was having a Christmas Cocktail hour … I had to run over because she was serving my favorite drink … “The Skinny Bitch.”  I needed some liquid courage; when I expressed, repeatedly I might add, my discomfort she offered me a safety pin.  Yea!  I was covered for the rest of the evening by the lovely furry collar … poor Mikey didn’t get to have the view he planned, but there was NO way I could have made it through the night with that kind of exposure, besides on one occasion it would have been frightfully embarrassing …

I think the “Skinny Bitch” hit me pretty hard because at the time of the embarrassing situation, I began to adjust my problem as I sat at the table with our other guests … then, in horror, it dawned on me what I was doing, and I fled to the bathroom in shame with Desiree’s laughter following behind me … shesh!  I think I need to remember that … more things may have changed besides my weight.  Oh, well, such is life.

I shall return with a few photos a bit later … gotta go help Mike with something in the kitchen.

Check y’all later … S


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