This is your hair on acid .... not really, but it is what happens when you roll it to tight and forget about it and moisture hits it. 😀

Right now my life is in a constant state of insanity.  Nothing is going according to plan … well not completely nothing, but life has been beyond interesting.

So where have I been and what have I been dealing with?  I am so glad you asked:

1)  I got sick  (we don’t want a picture of that … do we?  I didn’t think so the bad hair is enough)

2) Then I had tummy issues (no need to tell you there won’t be pics of this!!)

3) Hair problems and dress malfunctions

Uhh... too much of the twins is NOT a good thing... I'm just sayin'.

Even with the Furry Jacket things were just a bit too ... much shall we say ... so we corralled the twins with a safety pin that brought modesty to this outfit. 😀 Thank You LR! 😀 You were a life saver!!

4) Massive hoops to jump through with all my meds that I need to take with me for a LONG stay in Alaska.  (I KNOW you don’t want to see the letters or the meds so I will spare you the boring details.)

5) Letters to collect for allowing multiple liquids, pills, and medicated creams

6) taking a few moments to play with Sophia before I am gone for a while

7) Dealing with additional WEIRD body hang ups

8) A run to Chattanooga for a brief, but FABULOUS visit with my Niece who’s birthday is the 24th, but can’t get home for Christmas because she just made a big move … and you know how moving straps the cash.  (I still cannot believe that I didn’t take any pictures of this!!  NONE!  I have a beautiful niece and the yummy gourmet food her Fella Matt Marcus made for us was OFF THE CHARTS Fabo! If you are ever in Chattanooga stop by Hennen’s Restaurant and if you are in the mood for something special–Ask for the Chefs menu!!  You will NOT be disappointed.)

9) Running around like a Madwoman trying to get all the things I need for going to Alaska–sometimes a challenge

10) Desperately trying to squeeze in a few moments with Mikey before I fly away from my life’s breath for weeks on end.  We had lunch together … OUT … and I was totally on plan with my smoked chicken breast, salad with little dressing, and yummy cabbage!  It was so fun to go out to eat again … oh and check out how much room I have in the booth now … I used to rub the booth with my belly.  😀

So gotta love that I had to sit away from the back of the bench just to eat! 😀

11) We have been working hard to finish our kitchen project before family got here for Christmas … haha no family is coming now!  hehehe!  No matter we got it finished!  YEAH!  Do a happy dance.

Yes we made this ourselves. 🙂 We had other folks put the granite top on. 😀

I think this is my favorite drawer here ... all the drawers are now lined and stocked full of pots and these tall beauties are full of my oils and spices. 😀 I am in LOVE!

12) Few Pics of me and Mike grabbing a few more moments of our favorite past time — cycling.  We took these pics while riding around on Sunday, but we snuck in a 45 minute frozen ride this evening as well.  We had to run to warm up before we could ride on the bikes–just too blasted cold.

Me and my Mikey! 🙂

Well, … I had to update you at the midnight hour, because I was not sure when I would get another chance.  I am doing well with my weight.  Even on maintenance I lost a half a pounds, while not trying to,  so I am very pleased with my body right now–even if I am slightly insane. Tehehehe


Blessings on you and yours for the best Holiday season…..S


5 thoughts on “Insanity

  1. Hi Shonnie – I just stopped in to check out your blog that I saw referenced on another blog I just started reading (optifast loser). I’ve just started Optifast and I want to read the success stories of other dieters (optifast or not) – so I look forward to getting caught up with your journey. It’s inspiring!
    I’ve never blogged before, but started one yesterday. I think it will help keep me accountable. So – thanks for blazing the trail. 🙂

  2. 1. You are not insane.
    2. If you are insane, I am insane. (okay then, we are both insane, LOL LOL)
    3. Your “dress” photos are to die for, sweeeet!!!
    4. Your kitchen looks lovely, will be nice to get back home to it and your Mikey.
    5. I love you just the way you are, wherever you are, shiny, funny Shonnie 🙂
    Merry Christmas.

  3. i realize not the bulk of your post, but I’m a guy. Who likes building stuff. That kitchen cabinet set looks really good. Really nice job there.

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