What ever holiday you celebrate at this time of year!  Many wishes of blessing to fill your households come from me to you.

Normally, I am just a touch more organized at this time of year.  I send out cards.  Purchase, wrap, and distribute gifts all the while attending multiple parties and thoroughly enjoying myself all along the way.  Not so good at any of these jobs this year.  What few presents I have purchased still remain unwrapped and stuffed in their hiding places.  I keep forgetting food items that are necessary for the preparation of what meals I am going to make before flying away to Alaska.

Then there is the shoddy job I have done keeping up with posts, comments, and being a good blog buddy.  I have all these great ideas and I read your posts while waiting in line for whatever thing whenever I can I am reading your posts … commenting … not so much.  FORGIVE ME!  Please???

I Will try to write while away in Alaska … but who knows with my hands full of a beautiful baby … it is very possible that I will forget much of the world at those moments.

On the diet front I am up to 158.2 pounds today from my all time low of 156.5 pounds, but I think that is pretty good with my experimenting with different food amounts and upping my daily calories.  I’m pleased and shooting for a FLAT-LINE to get me through the holidays.  😀

Blessing on you all for a FABO Holiday Season!

Until next year ….

Merry Christmas!



6 thoughts on “MERRY CHRISTMAS … OR …

  1. You deserve a break today…and for the next several days….Enjoy your time with your son and family in Alaska! Love, Nancy and Dick

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