Waiting and Gobs of Nuts


My son very faithfully attending my Daughter-n-law.

While waiting for our little blessing I have eaten two bags of nuts. Not a great move on my part and then there is the horrible swelling in my legs, the sympathetic pain in my lower back, and my mad craving to eat…absolutely anything to find some energy.

It is actually tomorrow from when my daughter-in-law started the contraction path towards the birth of my grandson. I’m tired. I have cooked, cleaned, and tried to support my son and his sweet wife through this scariest of all journeys that women take to bring life into the world. In my opinion, it is by far the most blessed journey we take.

I am blessed to be here for this moment and I am choosing not to care about my weight for this season. I am going to eat well. I can’t exercise so I will just have deal with all the issues when I get home.

Hope to tell soon that he has been born. Blessings.


Me, in the room before the mom's got booted out because the pain meds quit working properly and she had to go it a-la-nature-al. She was in so much pain. My heart broke for her!


7 thoughts on “Waiting and Gobs of Nuts

  1. Oh, Shonnie! My mum was with me for the births of my children, and was such a blessing to share those moments with her. Congratulations in advance to your son and his beautiful new family. And to you! (And kudos for cutting yourself some slack, too, sweet lady. I know it ain’t easy!)

    • You are so right Desi … it is not easy to cut myself some slack. It has been VERY hard. Can’t miss out on the kiddo’s though! They are the blessings of our lives. 😀

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