I’m Sorry

I have been a VERY bad blogger … I just realized how many posts that I have NOT replied to my beloved comments.  I do love comments.  I love that you take the time to read and I am beyond flattered when you take the time to write a comment.  I have been so head-up-rear-deseased since trying to get up here for the birth of my grandson, that  had NO idea how many posts that I have failed to appreciate my buddies.

My life will return to normal shortly, so I beg your forgiveness for a short while longer as I play and soak up as much love as I can for the short time I am here.

Blessings …S


9 thoughts on “I’m Sorry

  1. I just stopped in to see how you’re doing. it’s good you took a little break. I’ve been off the radar myself. I just finished my first book, met with a publisher, and I should be in bookstores soon. Rest up, revitalize yourself, and I’ll see you soon.

  2. Oh Shonnie… Mikey and Team!!! 😀 I am so happy for all of you – your grandson is BEAUTIFUL I think I may be in love with him too!!!! Congratulations to your son and his wife – what a wonderful time for you all – and that snow – WOW! That’s a cold place to be living lol so pretty though!!! What a way to start the New Year!!!!!!!!!! Sending you all my love and hugs and wishing you a belated Happy New Year full of love, laughter, good healthy, happiness and success!

    P.S. You’re looking good Ami!!!!! xxx

  3. No worry, I’ve been having computer issues and it is so frustrating. Wish I could say my absence was due to soaking up love, LOL See you when we see you, Shiny Shonnie, enjoy yourself 🙂

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