Still hanging in limbo

While I hang there trying to fully formulate my plan for the year … I thought I would share with you this inspirational video my friend Chuck Cates made.  I know he made this film to showcase his fantastic skills (not that he would EVER say that–those are my words) in videography that compliment his many graphic skills.  He has a graphics design business called Iron Graphics, and I personally think he does amazing work, but that isn’t why his stuff is inspirational to me.  Part of what is so amazing to me … is that is my buddy Chuck doing the cycling in the video as well.  Still, the most amazing part about Chuck goes beyond his amazingly great work; it is more the man.

Most of you know that Mike and I long to do the NYC Century Ride … Chuck has ridden MUCH further.  Most of you know that Mike and want to do side by side the Martindale Triathlon (which is more an adventure race–but I LOVE IT and it is a MAJOR goal for this year) … Chuck has finished more than one IRONMAN  … we are so NOT in his league.  Chuck, however, is gracious and kind in his encouragement of Mike and my every step of our journey towards our Goals of completing a race together.  He is never arrogant or haughty with us lesser athletes.  He is Always helping us to find the info we need to keep plugging away at our dreams.  He and Janet have encouraged me not to be discouraged this past year when I was not able to compete at Martindale due to health reasons … they reminded me how far I have come.  They have celebrated my every step along my journey to health and activity.  You need friends like that in your life.

This photo rocked me to my socks. This is the picture I have in my mind when I think about Mike and I finishing Martindale together .... Side by side. It makes me want to cry ... with joy and hope. Life's Good. 🙂 By-the-way he created the amazing Jerseys they are wearing ... I know ... I told you he was talented. Yes, they are as happy as the look ... and just as winsome.

Chuck and Janet are childhood friends of mine who have come back into my life thanks to Facebook in the last five or so years.  They constantly inspire me to push.  To live.  To get up. To get out. To get active.  What a blessing to have such freinds.  These lovely, sweet, kind, helpful, talented people cause a body to long for adventure.  I have been meaning to write about them for months.  Life just keeps getting in my way.  🙂

When I saw his latest work … oh … man my heart longed to be in the physical condition to ride my bike up

See ... they are still smiling after finishing the race. 🙂

One of those mountains.  I wouldn’t care if it took me all day … just to say.  I DID THAT!  I did not feel depressed that I am not there when I saw the video.  I felt inspired to keep trying.  I figure if they can do this much then surely I can achieve my MUCH smaller goals.  This makes me happy.  I tell myself … let’s go one more time for a jog … maybe this will be the time that you make it a whole MILE while running.  When I saw the video today, it spurred my heart on to love and good works.  This is what we should be for one another … Iron sharpening Iron.  I have to tell you these two do that for me just by being themselves.

I needed this video today.  I came home after a very defeating attempt at cycling.  I bonked/hit the wall after a VERY short bit of a ride.  I was so angry and disgusted that I was still so weak.  I know it has been months since I could actually play the way I like to play.  All out.   I like to savor the beautiful outdoors while pushing myself to the brink of collapse — it makes me divinely happy — I think this is the “Runner’s High” you hear about.  Cyclists get it too.  I LOVE CYCLING.  I think I even love running.  The sprints we did the other day really made me smile and completely exhausted.  Yesterday the trainer nazi got me good … so it really is no wonder that I bonked.  Oddly enough his video reminded me that you have to take care of your body if you want to play this hard and REST is a big part of pushing this hard.

Thanks Chuck and Janet for being such great inspirations and supporters.  I feel extremely blessed to have you guys in my life.

Yeah ... I am a little whooped ... but I am not going anywhere. Y'all hang on; this year is gonna be a WILD ride of all new achievements. 🙂 See ... I'm still smilin'! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Still hanging in limbo

    • Thanks Greg. I appreciate all the support you gave me all through the year as well. You, Danny O, Chuck, and Janet along with my Blog buddies have kept me going when I felt like life was just too much … then one of you would say something that would boot me back out in it again! 😀 Life’s Good! 😀

    • Nice to see you Gregster! Missed you! Hope you and Mendy are doing grand! It is great to have real people who live through the same challenges you want to shoot for. 🙂 VERY NICE indeed. They do Rock!

  1. Wow…..Shon and Mike……I’m without appropriate words….and we are incredibly honored. Chuck said it the best…..YOU are the ones who inspire US. Can’t wait for that race! It WILL happen!!! 🙂

  2. I don’t even know what to say in response to this. You two would never believe that Janet & I were talking about you and your life and how inspiring you are to US the entire time we were driving to the movies last night. I mean, your collective ears MUST have been burning. You just don’t know how much you do for us just by being YOU!! Thank you for the incredibly kind blog (and the awesome business plugs : )))) Janet and I read it together with our chins on the floor…she had tears in her eyes…ok, me too.

    Shon, you just don’t know how proud we are of you…and just as equally HAPPY for your health! You’ve both come so far, and Mike, you’ve been nothing short of ROCK SOLID in all this with our sweet Shon! Thank you for that. You guys KEEP on KEEPING ON…accomplishment is the fuel, and so it never ends…we just get to keep enjoying it!

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