IEP’s … Trainer Nazi … Stress … Walk

What have I been up to??? First trainer nazi:


Yep, that’s me waiting to suffer. I needed the stress release before I went for Collin’s IEP. I really don’t like these meetings. His case workers and teachers are great, but it is still stressful.

I wanted comfort foods. I didn’t have any. So …. I ate too many of what I did have. That meant new stress. So….. I decided to go out for a walk … That is where I am now. I stopped to enjoy the sun and drop y’all a note.


There is something soothing and Godlike about nature. Ahhhh ….


10 thoughts on “IEP’s … Trainer Nazi … Stress … Walk

  1. It looks beautiful where you are. I agree that there is something soothing about getting out there with nature. We are just starting to see a little spring sunshine here in the UK…excited!

    • RED! It has been absolutely gorgeous out lately. In fact the sun is calling my name right now. I need to get my post out and several other things, but the sun is saying …. Come on … come outside and hang with me today. I like this time of year, because the sun is shining and the air is crisp and chilly–you barely work up a sweat and you get a great workout because you are trying to stay warm! πŸ™‚

    • There will be some things we will need to add to yesterdays IEP. I was not going to talk about them in front of Collin. They don’t like to have conversations without him in the room, but I want to make sure he stays motivated to push; not think that I am going to give him an excuse to slack up!

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