Just so you know ….


You do not detect a note of panic in my voice.

You do not detect the urge to flee and avoid my weigh in tomorrow, because I am not exposing myself in that way.  I am putting on a good front that I am totally at peace with myself and that everything is FAN-Fab-U-Tastic-O so you would NEVER be-the-wiser about my internal struggles.

I am cool as a friggin’ cucumber on a January morning in Alaska. I am so slick I look like black ice.  I am telling you I have all this junk together!

It is not even evident that I am still at a loss for what I want to do for the year.  Do I work on losing the last few pounds and make it to goal, or do I just stay where-ever-it-is-I-am-right-now-weight and work out and have a great time playing?  This is the decision I have been unable to make for the last few weeks due to exhaustion (I finally learned how to spell that word–I couldn’t even get close enough for spell check to help me out–talk about tiring!).

I’m one smooth girly over here.  Chattin’ about life like I got my sh!& together.  We will see what tomorrow brings …… I’ll let ya know!

A picture is worth a thousand words ... so they say. 🙂 You think you get my point?


Anybody wanna guess how much I have gained?  10 or 20 pounds???

12 thoughts on “Just so you know ….

  1. I wish you luck. I think you’ll do great. I know you’ve been tired lately, and it’s tough. You’ve done fantastic overall, and one weigh-in isn’t going to hurt all the great things you’ve done over the past year. I’m glad you’re cool, calm, and collected. I wish i was.I’m scared because I’ll soon have a photo shoot for my book cover. I’ve been dieting, and exercising like a maniac to look at least presentable. My son says I should lift weights before the shoot to bulk up. Like that’s going to help. Enough about me. Good luck, and take care.

    • Thanks Patrick! You are right, nothing is, not even an 11 pound gain is going to undo how far I have come. Nothing can change that! 😀

      Just not exactly happy with the outcome today. I really just wanted to train and not worry with weight loss any further. Sigh … I will figure this out! 😀

      Thanks so much for stopping by — you know how much it means.

  2. I wouldn’t dare to guess but will cross my fingers for you. My weigh in is tonight too but it is only week 5 for me so I am confident of another pound or two fat loss.Will check in to see how it goes for you

    • thanks for crossing your fingers. I know that helped me mentally when I saw the number. I have come so far. Even with my set back I have lost almost 90 pounds on OptiFast and almost 100 from where I started at 264. 😀 I really can’t complain. 🙂 Even thought I will. hahaha. Thanks for stopping by and I REALLY appreciate your kind words.

  3. A picture is worth a thousand words . . . hang in there, my friend. Your body knows. Listen to what it’s telling you. xoxo

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