Hey Y’all

Ye 'Ole Torture Chamber

No, I don’t sound like Paula Dean–well not normally.  I kinda like to do that ever-now-and-again just for effect.  I am VERY southern in my location, but ask anybody around I just don’t seem completely southern–I think I was stolen from an NYC parent and transplanted in the South–LOVE it up there.  Don’t get me wrong I love everything about the south–even its code of respect and gentility that I do not possess.


I just wanted to let you know that I am alive … if only by a thread.  I KICKED my BUTT–two days in a ROW— no less. I power lifted yesterday to work out my frustrations.  I did two major big lifts.  I squatted 210 as I said yesterday, but I also rowed/pulled (I don’t know what they call that machine-I say this with a mexican accent-why cuz I think it is COOL) my heaviest weight by accident.  I thought I had set the machine for 90 pounds (this WAS my heaviest), but it was dialed up an extra 10 pounds.  Can you say MY BUTT hurts in places I didn’t know it could–strange experience going the potty–just saying.  Oh and there are the other body parts that are screaming at me.  Needless-to-say, I am ah HURTIN’ and I was plum tuckered OUT!

Then, Like-I-had-a-BRAIN, I took Donna’s Reformer class this morning. What parts of me were left in

Sorry, but it is nap time .... take care of ya-self ya hear?! I will be back later ....S

good condition Donna took prompt care to elevate those body parts to the same level of suffering, we will not mention what she did to the parts already in pain.  Help me LORD!   I feel like a limp noodle that is starving out of its mind–I’m too tired to fix the need-like-a-blankin-drug-for-food problem.  I drank a shake–so don’t worry.  I also, swallowed a few fatty nuts, about 2 oz. lean ham, and ate a clementine.  I am sorta sane.  Not quite though … not enough brain to write a good post.  I will be back though.  I am so stinkin’ hungry for BEEF.  So I will leave you with another idea I stole from a guy named JOHN (I am going to be in Dallas in a few weeks John — can I come eat steak with you??) about making cheap steak taste YUM — so I am gonna try it — Beef it’s what’s gonna be for DINNER!  I got some great tips from The Steamy Kitchen on how to make my good steaks GREAT!

Bless y’all till I get back!  🙂

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