I wanna go outside ….

I know I should be draggin booty and wanting to lay around, because Donna kicked my rear again today, BUT I seriously want to go out in the sun.  I think I will.  Yes, I think I will.  Tomorrow is supposed to bring rain with it.

Oh … on the weight loss front.  Yesterday, I weighed 170 on my scales (I weighed 171 on my scale the day I weighed 168 at the clinic).  Today, I weighed 167.6 — yeah baybay!  I was likin’ that!  We shall see what tomorrow brings as I have worked my tail off and ate my tummy full of good stuff, but still it is full.


So with that yummy news …. I’m outy … see y’all on the flipside.  blessings …S


6 thoughts on “I wanna go outside ….

  1. I just bumped my 3 up to a 2, and moved it outside. We’re having a gorgeous day here, and I am going to go outside & get some Vitamin D the old fashioned way. Well, since I’m going to take my laptop and work outside, not *quite* the old fashioned way, but still … I’m going to get a little sun on my skin.

    Nice scale news – awesome!

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