I’ve Fallen and ….

... I can get up, but I couldn't resist taking a picture of the fall. 🙂 Yes, I had my phone ... don't you? 😀

Well, after my walk/run outdoors in the less than stellar sun; I promise there was sun–it was like it heard me saying I had to go out, and it hid behind a cloud … wait I was going somewhere.  Oh, I remember, my lower back was giving me fits after going for a walk/run.

I decided that I needed to try what Donna “the Trainer Nazi” Jones suggested by flopping (that is how I do it–I flop) over my medicine ball to help with my pain.  Flopping over on it forward did nothing for helping, so I thought I would roll over on my back, which I did with no problem; even with my iPhone in hand and iPod jammin’.  No help, so I rolled way back on the ball–mind you, I have my iPhone and am reading e-mails–my hair got stuck under the ball!  What?  You don’t read e-mails while rolling around on your medicine ball?  Why not?  I mean, we have to make the most of our time; don’t we!  I was reading a particularly funny blog post by “But That’s For Another Blog” about her Zumba experiences; I was rolling.  Maybe it was HER FAULT!  Nah … she didn’t make me get on the ball with the iPhone … but it would be fun to B’ slap her and use it as an excuse …. hahaha … sorry I stole that from her post.

I digress …. here I am, iPhone in hand, laughing with my hair caught under the ball.  I can’t roll forward.  I tried.  I couldn’t budge it.  What am I gonna do?  I look around as if someone is going to materialize to help me–they won’t I am home alone.  Quick as lightening, I get an idea.  I will roll my sorry butt to the right and hope when I hit it won’t hurt too bad.  I plop loudly to the floor.  Surprisingly it didn’t hurt too bad.  The cold floor helped my back, so I laid there a bit and took a few photos. I gotta love life.   Savor the moments


Just had to show you the view from the floor. 🙂

While on the cold floor, I spied my red rolling thinginy–I forget its name but it helps roll out pain in your body.  Donna turned me on to this after she had tormented me particularly badly one day.

I landed close by my bike trainer and the block that helps you get different levels of workout.  You notice the bike is not in there.  I would like to get a bike just for stationary riding, because it is quite difficult to lug my bike upstairs to put on my stand.  I have done it though.

I thought it would be fun to show you the difference in size of the two objects I used to stretch out my back and repair the pain Donna inflicted me with.  🙂  My life is so hard!   I know you feel so sorry for me!  I inflict myself with pain, and then I whine to you all as if you can make it better.  🙂  Remember, I have an addiction.  hahaha …. there’s no hope for me.

I decided to give you a simulated pic of what it was like to be stuck under the ball — yes — I rolled around on the red tube with my iPhone.  Don’t you?

One must laugh at one's self or life would be too serious for living! 🙂

Be blessed and have some fun with your failings  Y’all ….S

9 thoughts on “I’ve Fallen and ….

    • Of course. I love to share my toys! 🙂 I hope you would not get your hair stuck under the ball and have to fall off. I wouldn’t let you read BTFAB while you were on the ball–so that would help. I would be there if you did get stuck, and I could pull your hair out, and then you would be good–so it won’t matter. 🙂

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