Sore MuKales and Paint Brushes

Choices ... I did settle on some colors. 🙂

Well, we got the room all taped off and the holes patched; now, we are supposed to PAINT.  My arms feel like I have been hangin’ on the side of a cliff for dear life.  I have to will my arms to roll a roller up and down and all around the walls of the bedroom. We have this sorry dialog going on of me telling my arms they must work.  They keep whining at me that they cannot do another thing.

You know, I have to keep up with my goals for the week of eating clean, and working out hard to see where I end up on Tuesday.  So, I was working on my goals with a little home maintenance thrown in there for good measure.  Uh … well … how’s that working for me?

Yesterday, I decided to go and workout with Mike since I couldn’t do it on Friday.  I worked on the parts of my arms that I missed the other day when lifting.  Not a completely smart move when you are about to paint two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  What was I thinking???  I don’t think I was thinking.  I know I wasn’t thinking about how hard keeping up with my home maintenance was going to be yesterday or today was going to be with super-exhausted mukales.  I don’t even want to get out of the bed to make my breakfast.  I just want to lay here and whine.

YUMMY! I know I brag on myself ... but ... it was good! It almost makes me wanna cook today. Almost.

I did smoke myself one MEAN Chicken yesterday.  OMG!  I am so good sometimes it is illegal.  Super good, Super Lean, Super everything food!  Yeah!  Yummy Steamed brusseles sprouts that were then lightly tossed in a bit of oil, onion, garlic, and a touch of dirty salt (has minerals left and is not bleached).  WOW!  Yeah, I got lots of praises for that one.    The chicken was so moist that it was AMAZING.  Of course I used free range chicken–they taste better!  😀

I think I have to stop postponing the inevitable.  I gotta get up from here and paint.  It will be fun.  It will be fun.  I know this, it will be pretty.  So, I will push myself forward so that I can enjoy the end result of beauty.  I guess it is kinda like everything in life.  What do you want?  How bad do you want it?  Do you want your life like you want air–kinda think I am drowning–how hard would you fight to breathe?  I want my life’s full joy and measure; sometimes that requires the less than sexy grunt work.

Blessings y’all … Shonnie


7 thoughts on “Sore MuKales and Paint Brushes

    • Not all that great Rose … we got everything prepped and patched, but the painting went very slow. The primer gave me a headache. I had to wait for the odor to fade. 😀

  1. Your an inspiration girl! Good luck on finishing the painting….you can start here next…just kidding!

    Your home is so beautiful!


    Nancy and Dick

    • Thanks N & D

      It seems before you can finish with your list of projects the ones you started with are now in need of repair. Such is life with as a homeowner. Wouldn’t trade it though. 😀

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