Stuffed up Head and Psycho Scales

I got up this morning to a CRAZY gain — in the neighborhood of 5 pounds.

Which put me heavier than last Monday when I went in.  WHAT THE HECK??  I was quite shocked.  I started thinking about what could have caused this gain and if it were real.  Lets look back over the last few days and see if it is possible.

  • I lifted weights a second time last week–unlike the One time the week before**
  • I did Pilates Reformer twice last week–unlike the week before–this is weighted**
  • I tried running farther–though, I doubt this could have caused it.*
  • Major Stress**
  • Several days I don’t think I drank enough water–which can cause you to gain water weight from dehydration**
  • Completely stopped journaling during stress days–I have NO idea what went into my mouth***
  • Had too many high carby foods–for a diabetic these have to be kept at a balance**

* Not a likely cause     ** Very Likely to have cause weight gain   ***HIgh probablity to cause weight gain

While it seems hard for the five pound weight gain to be real, I had some major shock-to-your-system stress this weekend; I barely paid attention to what I ate.  I didn’t record anything that went into my mouth and so I can’t even evaluate what could cause problems–so I seriously think this was my MAJOR malfunction over the past few days to raise from 167.6 to 172.8 this morning in just two days.  I probably gained some fluid, some muscle, and some fat—something I did not want to do.

So what am I going to do today?  I remind myself what the Trainer at EatRight told me last week–how he tells people not to weigh while lifting (working hard to build–which I am doing right now), because they will most likely gain.  He reminds them to go by clothing and measurments–I’m gonna try to remember that Trainer Mike.  Also, I am gonna fast, save for fluids, for most my meals today, and have a nice lean steak with my Mikey as we had planned for this evening’s meal.  Don’t worry: a fast every-once-in-a-while won’t do me any harm.  It is NOT something that I do very often–well–unless you count the 16 weeks I was on OptiFast.  Hahah.  I just thought of that.  I know this: I won’t be hitting any heavy duty activity today, besides I have a sinus something-or-other that is making me miserable.  I hope I will even want to eat my meal this evening, ’cause nothing sounds good right now. Nothing, but hot drinks.

I am also going to fix my mind on positive things.  How much better I look and feel; generally speaking.  I am going to start back today, recording my food and activity; it should be easy considering I am only eating one meal and not really doing any activity besides walking around.      😉

Another motivational Reminder of how far I have come. 😀


My Daughter Erica said that I looked like I weighed the same so we took photo's to see if we could spot the 5 pounds. Whatch'all think? 😀

I have looked back over the past year for good things, and also discovered that each time I have terrible stress:

  • I have problems managing my journal.
  • I lose touch with what is happening with food consumption.
  • I often become ill.

I guess I am going to have to break out the Psychology books to try and understand what the heck is going on here.  🙂

12 thoughts on “Stuffed up Head and Psycho Scales

  1. I am only a few weeks in and some days I look in the mirror and think….yay!!! and then 10 mins later same body, same mirror and get fed up with myself. The emotional journey is a much harder one than the physical journey. Great progress though and I love reading your blog

  2. You have a great trainer, with great advice. You look great, and are getting a better shape with wider shoulders, a slimmer waist, and more solid muscle. I call this mass compaction. You get smaller because you’re more dense, but your weight goes up a little. You’ll soon stabalize, and start dropping again, because lean muscle burns more calories. You may also be gaining some bone mass. Exercise increases the density of your bones! it’s a little bit of sneaky weight, but it’s good for you. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Patrick for the kind and ecouraging words! I have to remind myself of this all the time. I am working towards a goal and eventually this will begin the downward spirall again soon. 😀

  3. Shonnie, invariably you answer your questions in your own writing. you definitely understand your body and your moods/changes/triggers.

    One thing is certain, the change is clear for all to see. You should feel proud of your achievements

    I’m certain you will drop the 5 lbs (and some) in no time at all.

  4. Dick said he checked out your progress on Facebook and you look TREMENDOUS GIRL. 10 years younger at least…that should make your day! Love….Nancy and Dick

  5. Painting a room = stuffed up head………

    Heavy lifting = weight higher because muscle weighs more than fat…………..

    You look amazing, so stop focussing on that number !

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