My Weekly Goals

Thinkin' about gettin' out in some SUNSHINE today. 😀

Ok … so, before I get into my goals here … I gotta ask. WHAT IS UP?  Why aren’t any of you talking with me??  Do I smell bad?  Did I say something offensive???  I mean seriously I am starting to get a complex.

I lost weight when I thought I was gonna gain–THAT WAS EXCITING–in case you missed that point. I’m just sayin’ is all!  Nobody Celebrated with me!?!?!  I lost weight while lifting.  That was a Major Accomplishment.

Why is losing a 1/2 a pound exciting?  I am so glad you asked–I thought you were gonna make me push my life on you or something even more vapid.  A.n.y.w.a.y. … Lifting weights usually equals weight GAIN for me.  I sometimes remain in a stalled position that usually goes up from a fixed point, but NEVER DOWN. So this chick is happy, and where are is all the celebration??  HUH?  I wanna know?  I am all broken up over here that everyone iggied my massive accomplishment.  (Winking over here)

This leads into my goals.  What were they last week?

  • To lift 2x’s–Made that–made some new personal bests too.  😀
  • To take Pilates Reformer 2x’s–I did it–limping but I did it.
  • Run/Jog 3x’s–I did this but no new gains were made really.
  • Journal–well I did 4 out of 7 days–kinda stunk on that one.
  • Eat Clean and on plan–I did this 4 out of 7 days–kinda BIG time stunk on this one.

I have the same plan for this week, and I will let you know on Tuesday if I made good progress or not.  I lifted heavier weights on some of my machines this week, which makes the 1/2 pound loss even more fun.  I plan to try some free weights later in this week, so the weights and body parts I work on will be different and hopefully good for creating muscle confusion.

I am about to start making a plan for the Martindale Triathelon–anyone out there who could offer good suggestions on where to find good info on training for a 7 mile run, a 16.5 mile ride, and a 5.5 kayaking race would be appreciated.  I may not be able to do the whole thing by myself, but I really want to.

A Note: Journaling–I must speak about this–when one forgets to journal, one loses track of what goes into one’s mouth, and this makes it nigh-unto-impossible to lose weight.

How do you know if you ate too little or if you ate too much?  You don’t, and trying to remember that is almost impossible; not accurately anyway.  Calories can add up fast and get your life competely off focus.  Even if you are training hard, you want to make sure that you consume the MOST nutrient dense foods you possibly can for the best health and recovery from all your attempts to stretch your body to its limits.  The idea is to play hard, eat well, and enjoy life–not to get sick or make my body weaker.  Journaling is the way to keep myself focused on my goals and not emotional whims.  It is hard to tell yourself just one more brick of chocolate won’t hurt when you record the info with the calories in whatever journal you use.  I use

Again ... One must laugh at one's self. Life is too short. 🙂

Well, that is gonna be all for now on the goals …. Come on now guys.  STOP iggyin’ me!  Don’t make be beg — Show me some love!  Talk to me … Ya hear ….S

26 thoughts on “My Weekly Goals

  1. I can tell you why I didn’t comment, I was basking in the guilt of having a completely off track week! URGH… I lost only 1 pound the whole week, and then I think I may have found it. 😦 But all of your posts keep me inspired to keep going. Plan to hit the 100 mark this month, so thanks for always blogging your journey. Even when we forget to throw confetti your way, you are making a difference in the Battle of the Bulge! 🙂

    • Tif! Girl — your life is MAJOR full. Thanks for taking a moment to give me a shout. Well … I found 2 oz of my pound the other day when I KNOW I was good. Life happens. We keep pressin’ in and WE WIN! 😀

      You will have lost 100 pounds?? WOW! YOU GO GIRL! I need to know more about this.

  2. That routine you set up with running, pilates, and lifting is tough. I can’t give you personal advice on the triathalon. I might make it on the bike, but I don’t think I could run 7 miles. The kayaking is better than swimming. A lot of triathalons have swimming, and I’m not a very good swimmer. I just got back from kickboxing class, and I’m tired. I haven’t been around as much lately, and it’s going to get worse. A job opportunity came up, and I had to take it for the benefit of my family. My wife will be able to go part-time at work, and finish school without killing herself. I start on the 21st, and I’m trying to get my book pushed along, write some posts, and check in on people. Take care. I’ll be back soon.

    • Patrick, thanks for stopping by and letting me know. I love your blog and would have worried about you. I am so happy for you and your family about the job opportunities. I totally understand how these things can get very consuming. Keep me posted on your book. I can’t wait to get in line to BUY IT! 😀

  3. Nope, you don’t smell! I’m doped up so I’m not in my most sociable of moods… the meds have always seemed to enhance my introversion and I get irritable when I’m not left alone to my own thoughts. I’m fine, just not overly social. Once I’m off the meds, I’ll be back to normal. But you can believe I still read your posts even when I don’t respond!

    • thank Goodness Beth! I was beginning to wonder if I smelled bad, or started using horrible grammar. 🙂 I hate that you have had to deal with that for so long lately. We both have just had the stinky body issues. I just gave in and postponed working on losing, and started working on healing. I had to; this living on meds was getting me down. Thanks for checking in today. 😀 Love and hugs girly!

    • I know — I really hope that we are starting to see things turn around. I hope we are right that my arms are getting smaller and my tummy is beginning to shrink. That would be so wonderful–a Nice Change! 😀

  4. been barely keeping pace here..too much to do and no ability to post during the day when I initially read it. congrats on beating expectation weight wise and enjoy the weights!

    • I KNOW what you mean man! I feel like I am chasing myself some days–you noticed how many times I have been by your blog. I think anytime you change things up in your life it takes time to adjust. It was nice to be moving the direction I wanted to be–standing still or easing down–both are great while changing my workout routine. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and shouting me out.

  5. Well, trying to catch up with you. Very hard to do so…. I have been remiss. I just got tired of posting and blogging. But now I can see by my stall in weight loss that it is not a good thing. I am not up but I am not down… I am going back to read about your stall — maybe it would help. Keep up the good work… You are an inspiration to me… and may others… you look great! You can check me out on twitter at Comment Kudlow… that is me! LOL.

    • I hate you got tired of posting–I LOVED reading your posts. Standing still is a good thing. Especially with the amounts of weight you and I have lost. Standing still is a very good thing. Miss YOU buddy! I have to remember my password for Twitter–for whatever reason it is a real challenge for me to work twitter. hahaha! I will work on checking you out on Twitter. Mr. comment Kudlow! 😀

  6. I’ve definitely been a lurker this week, logging on at odd times and rushing from place to place. Tail is tucked between legs now … 😀

    Isn’t it amazing how useful having a journal is?! I had to go to a luncheon today, and frankly, as soon as I was done eating and the 15th speech had started, I whipped out my phone to log lunch into LoseIt so I wouldn’t “forget” that I ate the dark chocolate disk decorating the dessert.

    • Girl … you know I have been away myself. I just wanted to whine! 😀
      Lack-O-Journal = weight gain. I am convinced. You have to do the things that you know worked to help you get this far–can’t get lax. That is gonna be our job over the next while — making ourselves strong for the long haul. 😀

  7. Shonnie!! I’ve been kinda quiet lately. But I think you’re fabulousness, defined!

    Congrats on the personal bests, and luck on the prepping for your triathlon!

    A blogger friend asked me the other day where I thought all the “readers” went. I think the Super Bowl sucked everyone in;)

    Anyways, you’re doing marvelous!

    • Hahah … I just felt like Whinning because I missed everyone. Thanks for humoring me in my whiny moment–and I should say–I think you are pretty awesome yourself. 😀

  8. Congratulations on your, well, loss! I’ve only just found your blog, but looking back through your posts has already been very motivating. Keep up the awesome work!

    • Hey WAde! Looking forward to getting to know you, man. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a little word of encouragement. I will have to get over and check out your blog. 😀

    • Thanks Testy. I know you haven’t left me any more than I have left you! Heheh. I have been a terrible blog buddy–I was just missin’ everyone and felt like whining. 🙂 You are such a sweetheart to take the time and drop me a note with my whinning and all. 😀

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