I’m Sexy and I know it …

Blue Skies Smilin' at me. I know mixin' my genres 😀

… Girl look at that body …. And on the song goes.  I think that is one of the dumbest songs I have ever heard. Sadly, I find myself singing it all the time. No offense intended Mr’s. Lmfao because you have a hit right there.  ‘Cuz even gran-mamma people like me are singing it!   It gets stuck in my head, and apparently my hubbies head too–cuz he sings it to me when he flexes his muscles at me after lifting.  I always cheer, because muscles are sexy, you know?  😀

“…I work out … I work out…”

Do I think I am sexy?  No.  So why start my blog off with that?  Well, that blasted song is running around in my head, because I was showing Mikey my new found muscles, and stupidly we started singing that song and now it is STUCK in my head–so I thought–why not–I’ll share it with my blog buddies.  There is also the fact that he is singing about working out and the rhythm of the song is great for running up hills, so I KEEP listening to it.  hahaha … she laughs manically as she fades into the distance.  😀

One other thing that jumped out at me when I was thinking about, “Look at that body,”  my body; I looked back at this day last year (click the link to see all the lovely pics of before).  I remembered how unhappy I was with how I looked in photos.  I still posted them on that blog, because there was a difference.  Not a stellar difference, but there was one, and I needed to keep myself plowing ahead with my OptiFast Diet.  I had lost weight but didn’t feel like it showed much.  Kinda like how I have felt lately.  It did me good to go back and look at where I was this day in my life 2011.  Man.

I need to be living with an attitude of gratitude!  I need to take a moment to be thankful for where I am and sing with gusto — “Girl Look at That body!”

I need to rejoice:

  • every time I walk past a mirror
  • every time I put on those size 8 jeans
  • that I wear a medium in most things
  • that I am not out of breath walking to mail box and back
  • that I can bend over and tie my shoes–Mikey doesn’t have to tie them, or wear  I slip ons
  • I take less than half my meds
  • I don’t fear falling asleep for wondering if I will wake
  • I no longer fear dying prematurely

I don’t need to be sad that I have not made it to my goal; yet.  I have come a LONG way.  I am working on fitness.  I have not given up or given in–so there really is no need for grieving.  I need to rejoice and move forward and tackle the next steps toward regaining my health.  I have so much of my health restored to me, so it is time to finish that job up and get on with living.  There really can be NO room for sulking.  Only room for goin’ out in that bright blue sky and kickin’ my rear until I arrive at Martindale completing my first TRI/Adventure race, then riding in my first Century Ride–NYC baby!  Yeah!

The folks at EatRight, and “the Evil Dr. Ard” helped me plow ahead to reach the point where I am today.  I am going to reach a healthy goal weight, and achieve my desired level of fitness because I choose to surround myself with wisdom and light–in the form of Good advisors, and health seeking friends.

Feb 2, 2011

February 2011

Yea … I work out …. hahaha … Have a BLESSED DAY …..S

WARNING:  The video kinda grossed me out … so watch at your own discretion.  I just wanted to give credit where credit was due, and I am almost sorry I did.  

18 thoughts on “I’m Sexy and I know it …

  1. I was going to give this a thumbs up but I figured a wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle…yeah! Would be more appropriate.

    Great job Shonnie, You’re quite the inspiration, seriously, and I’ve enjoyed reading your process.

    Though that is possibly one of the most aggravating songs ever to get stuck in your head.

  2. I love reading posts like this. Keep singing that song. I have my own songs that I sing or hum all the time, and I can’t get them out of my head. I see a difference in you physically from last year, but I see a great improvement in your mental attitude. For me, my mental state is sometimes more important. It keeps me focused, and on the right path. Your confidence in yourself and your abilities, your self esteem, and your positive attitude towards the future are off the charts compared to last year. I know it’s hard to be upbeat all the time. I’m grumpy half the time. Great job. keep it up. Tell your husband it’s okay to flex. I do it all the time. It’s not showing off. It’s well-deserved pride in a lot of hard work.

  3. Wow – amazing pictures, amazing progress. And it took ALL of my energy (what’s left after seeing the trainer, anyway) to not click on the video. I must avoid having that song stuck in my head, so will have to replace it by listening to Neil Diamond or something else that will burrow in deep. Cracklin’ Rose has been bubbling up in my mind lately …

    • I swear it sticks–bad. I have it on my ipod — just the music — and it is great to run to. Kinda makes you wanna skip and dance a little. 🙂 Glad you resisted clicking. haha

  4. Beautiful picture and a great optimistic post! I love the posts where people are having a good day. Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂 And, P.S. now that song is stuck in my head…I totally had to play it on my phone now. 🙂

    • Hey Tydye Chic! Thanks for returning the favor. This one is optiomistic. I have my moments of woe too. Today, I was choosing joy and faith. Sorry about the song. hahaha! love sharing the wealth here. But you are sexy and you should KNOW it! 😀

  5. You ARE, girl! You rock so keep on keepin’ on! You inspire all of us, to never quit, never give up, and I know you could kick my butt at bike riding, working out, you name it!! Proud of you, and praying for continued blessings, joy, grace, and favor upon you~

    • AWE … thanks Barb! You are too sweet and kind. Thanks for all the wonderful prayers. I LOVE IT and NEED IT! Thanks again for standing by me through it all.

  6. I’m not so sure any of you girls think you’re sexy even though you are! Believe it, Shonnie because you are and I’m sure you are reminded of that daily by Mike whether you believe him or not. He KNOWS that you are! Why are you girls so hard headed when it comes to that? Take, for instance, Mike and I….. We know darn good and well that we are way sexier than any girl thinks we are! I know, it’s a curse, however we have grown to embrace our sexiness and thus, live with the torment each day knowing that our extreme good looks and sexiness drive others over the edge. I don’t feel bad for you and Angie. I feel for those that will never really know of our animal magnitism or the knowledge of us being not only stunningly gorgeous but great guys to boot! I hope that someday, those will find peace in the realization that they have at least seen us, maybe even had the opportunity to have us say a word to them. And so, we smother our wives with love and admiration for the intelligent, gorgeous, sexy, adorable, loveable women that they are!

    Ok, with the exception of the first 4 sentances and the last sentance of this paragraph – I’m pretty much full of shit 🙂

    Keep on truckin’ Shonnie! YOU LOOK GREAT!!!

    • THANKS DANNY O! Us girls need to learn to think like you dudes do! We would be so much betta off! 😀 Love you man! 😀 I laughed my BUTT off when I read this and Mike rolled over next to me just a bit ago when he did. Then of course he had to play the stinkin’ video so it would be stuck in our heads again.

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