Get Yo’ Happy Face ON!

More like trying to warm up before getting on the bike, so I wouldn't lose focus--Mike thought he was cute snapping my pic. I finaly got the phone from him. 🙂

Mike thinking he is cute happens to be my fault, because I am constantly telling him he is the sexiest man alive (he is to me), so I can’t really be angry with him for believing me.  Can I?  Nah…. on with my post.  Last night, we decided that, since we have a LOT of household chores to do, we would take our bikes for a spin.  Saying that it was chilly was slightly–just extremely–an understatement.  Why Mike thought it was great–to take pics of me with my face squished into the scarf I wrapped around my head to stay warm, while I was jumping and running to get warmed up so the wind from the ride wouldn’t make me stop my ride–I have NO IDEA (but I used his pics cuz he thinks they are funny).  I thought of Martin when we jumped on our bikes and began to peddle.  OUCH!  Cold!  Martin, I want that hoody you have — YIKES — BURR!

Are we crazy?  I have already told you we are cycling addicts.  We love our bikes.  I tell folks all the time that saddle time is my happy pill.  It is like a yummy drug that I gobble up whenever I get the chance.  I would SERIOUSLY have my bike out in the beautiful sunshine today if I didn’t HAVE life stuff to do.  Just can’t put it off any longer or girlfriend would be up on the saddle again today riding until my legs wouldn’t go anymore, and then I would push myself further.  See … told ya … I am an addict!  I confess!  I do NOT plan on seeking a cure either.

Sadly, I have discovered that I have another disorder:

Got this from a weight loss person on FB "I GOT TIRED OF BEING FAT AND GOT IN SHAPE!" I don't know if it was hers to steal, but I borrowed it just the same 😉

This disorder took over me years ago and was lost for about 19 years in a sea of obesity.  While still lost in obesity, the A.A.D took back over my system, and I just had to get up and get out there.  Yep, there were many scary-250+ LB-woman-spandex moments, but when this disorder strikes you … you just can’t help yourself: you will have uncontrollable longing for outdoor activity.  I found it is best to just go with it.

Alas … I must away and don my work clothes.  Donna — sorry girl — I gotta paint.  Nobody else to do it.  Promise I will on do what I can, and then I will sew the curtains or something girly for ya!     😉

Yeah, I was stickin' my tongue out at HIM! Taken yucky pics of ME! How dare he!?! He always dares! 😀

Well … gotta get this game started over here!  You all have a FANTASTIC Saturday!  Be blessed, and I will check y’all on the flipside …S


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