What motivates us to move?  What makes us take ourselves out of our comfort zones and makes us push through something that seems overwhelmingly hard?  Many things motivate.  A desire to live a normal healthy life, a disparaging comment, horrible intolerances to food, and goals that shine brighter than any discomfort, pain, or seeming loss push people to press onward and upward towards goals that seem too high to hope for much-less achieve.  What motivates you?

We have been painting the room my youngest daughter recently moved out of, and the guest room for the last few days.  Mike and I had been planning to do this from the moment Erica moved out in December.  I had a short visit to Alaska slow the transformations down a bit.  It is our ritual to christen/repurpose the rooms once a child makes the move to adulthood.  A rite of passage so to speak.

This process is more for me–it helps me let go–it helps me see today is a NEW day.  If you will, it is my way of accepting that my world, which has revolved around that child, has changed–never to be the same again.  It is, as “they say,” bitter sweet.  I turned my oldest daughter’s room into a craft room to lure her and others back over to create things with me. My oldest son’s room became the guest room–which will soon be my WORKOUT room (GRINNING LARGE here).

I had to push to get these rooms finished (they were in a state of stalled-and-pulled apart), because some of my high school friends are coming for a girls’ weekend to paint and create.  I am so excited that I could jump and squeal. Shortly there after, my Son, Daughter-in-law, and GRANDSON from Alaska will be coming to stay with me for a visit.  Can you see why I have MOTIVATION?  hahah and why suffering so hard is so fun?  The REWARDS are BEYOND fabulous.

Working for my health is just the same–the rewards are beyond fabulous!  The benefits are too many to count, besides I get high off the workouts, so the pain is a total gain.  I giggle like school girl when I can barely squat to potty, or when Mikey reaches out to grab my arm and he finds sore muscles that make me whine and giggle.  Now, I have a new reason.

My autistic son came into my room today and dropped to the floor and started doing one handed pushups while doing a walking plank if you can imagine that?  Mike and I looked at each other grinning.  As we started giggling, we asked him what he was doing.  He stood up and told us that he was wanted be strong and healthy like me (mom).  He said, “You know like that video you showed me. I wanna  be strong like I wanna breathe. I want to be strong like you”–he said looking at me.  What is even cooler –he asked us for permission to go for a bike ride like Mike and I do.  Can I say proud?

I thought it would be fun to share the video with you.  One of my friends on Facebook shared it, and I LOVED IT!   If you want to see what he was doing on my floor watch the video where the guy is planking-pushups, with weights.    🙂

Now, I am my son’s role model. I have motivation beyond any I have ever known.  I can’t let him down.  We all hope that we are good role models for our children.  We hope that we impart to them wisdom, peace, hope, joy, love, and all the keys that will unlock success for their lives.  When your child tells you he wants to be like you, because you have changed your life, you are floored, and humbled past the point of speaking.  I guess not totally past the point of speaking, because I am typing it.  I am moved, Inspired, Motivated, and Empowered by his words.

How could a mother let a face like that down? It is simple she can't! 😀

Today, was a good day.  Today, a new family tradition was born; “the Fit Tradition.”  I love it.  I love my life.  I am blessed.  Laters ….S


6 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Too, too cool, Shonnie.

    My kids (all 7 ad under) sometimes “workout” with me(doing their kid-sized versions of Dad’s bodyweight exercises).

    I try hard to set a good example and I can only hope that it becomes a permanent part of their life.

    Thanks for illustrating that it can sink in and they do notice. =)

    Work smart and work strong,

    New John

    We will either find a way . . . or make one. – Hannibal
    New John for a New Year, My Health and Fitness Blog

    • Thanks NJ! That is so cute — 7 and under age! That is great that they workout with Daddy! LOVE that! 😀 We want it to sink all the way in! Health is a wonderful inheritance to leave behind.

  2. Being watched by our kids puts us on our best behavior, and I know they use us as models even when they don’t articulate it as your (sweet) son did. How nice as a mom to know that you are modeling such healthy habits! Between grandbaby visits, a new workout room, and upcoming girlfriends’ weekend, sounds like things are going GREAT! I’m happy for you…

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