Happy Hearts and WEIGH IN DAY!

Hot and Spicy Chicken is whats for dinner. 😀

Yep, it was my weigh in day.  As always I was NERVOUS.  I started my late butt off with a quick brisk walk up a steep hill to try and calm the savage beast Nerves before my trip downtown to the UAB EatRight Clinic. I seriously love the folks I am in classes with.  We laugh and celebrate each others victories, and comfort and encourage each other when we fall–it happens for everyone.  Today, was a fun laughter-filled time in the lobby before SCALE TIME.  😀

It seems odd that I would still be having fits of nerves after a year of success.  Success is rarely a straight unbent line towards the goal in question, it generally looks more akin to a zig down and a zag up, followed by more of the same. The zig-zag line is a long, lonely, trek towards health. That after a season of persistence one will receive a great reward when one arrives at one’s desired goal.  That is, if one does not faint from the struggle before the due season is up.

Often, we on the weight loss journey see those who have arrived at their goal and long for that day–often we grieve when things do not go according to the plan we have; even if that hope-of-glory plan is unspoken and flourishes only in the secret room of our hearts.  When setbacks come, and they will, we can become overwhelmed with feelings of failure and loss.  Usually, these feelings have no basis in reality.  It’s just a bump … a hiccup; not the end of the road.  One just has to push forward against all fears of failure or rude scales that do not show all our hard work like they should.

So, did I have a Happy V-Day weigh in?  OH … Y.E.A.H.!  Shonnie LOST 1.5 pounds of FAT!  I weigh 166 pounds.  I am one happy girl!  Yeah … I am dancing around in my heart and soul.  I am so glad I didn’t quit or stop plowing ahead even with my 11 pound setback a few weeks ago.  That muscle is starting to eat the fat!  Yea! ..Turn and spin …Yea! …. wiggle, wiggle, wiggle ….Yea! …Dance, dance, dance … Yea!  I am eating, lifting, and LOSING!  This is a NEW day for Shonnie girl!  She is happier than she knows how to express.

What am I doing for V-day?

I am so GLAD you asked.  After my weigh in, Mike and I met up for a light and lean lunch at Cheesecake Factory.  Yes, you can eat lean there with the new skinny menu.  I had Asian Lettuce wraps–WAY GOOD!  Touch more calories than I normally would have but good for ya stuff.  We split a low carb cheese cake–can’t deal with too much sugar in one setting.

These were waiting on me at home. Lovely, unique, and ordered especially for an artistic woman ... me. In love for 24 years and counting. 😀

Tonight?  Well,–Mike and I are gonna heat things up–gonna get hot and sweaty.  Hahah … get yo mind out tha gutta!  We are going to the GYM and PUMP some IRON!  Tuesday is our date night–at the gym.  I know we are weird, but this month is our 24th Anniversary, and, well, it is hearts and flowers everyday so we can be as weird as we want.  And, We want to eat that Hot and Spicy Chicken soup (in the pic above) I made last night and share a few squares of dark chocolate–and then snuggle up and PASS OUT! ahaha!  Not sexy to you?  Well, it IS sexy.  Getting healthy is VERY SEXY.  Just sayin’!

What ch’all doin’ tonight?  What is your idea of a FUN V-Day?

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