I could run a mile ….

That may not sound like much to you, but for me that would be huge!  I can run/walk almost 4 miles, but to run one mile straight would be a VERY BIG DEAL!

I am so pumped up after my workout this morning; this NEW I gotta run feeling pulsed through my body as I left the gym after working out HARD for an hour.  I had even walked early this morning for about 20 min up a hill–nice light workout.

Yet, I found myself craving a RUN?!?!

Have I lost my mind?

Has some strange alien come down from space and taken over my body?

I don’t think so, but some trigger in my body has flipped a let’s go play hard switch, and I am craving activity.  This is a seriously good thing for me, because I have a Massive LOAD of STUFF to do right now.  I was wondering where I was going to get the energy to do them all, but now it has come from out of no where.  Well, not really NO WHERE, but from this heavy lifting.  I have heard from more expert sources, than myself, that if you push yourself really hard–then rest–your body starts building momentum.  I love this.

I have to be honest.  It is BEAUTIFUL outside, and I want to go out and PLAY Hard in that yummy SUNSHINE, but I do have things on my plate that will require a large amount of energy, and so I am gonna take this energy and use it for that.  This is just GREAT NEWS for me.

Has anyone else out there ever tried this??  Has the same thing happened to you?  I am very curious to know if I am the lone bunny out here who feels like hopping all over town.

check y’all later …S

24 thoughts on “I could run a mile ….

  1. I get this feeling not only with working out but in every aspect of my life. Tasks seem unreachable, but I find that when I just DO it and PUSH myself, I build momentum as I go, and end up doing so much more than I expected. Congrats on reaching this feeling and good luck continuing the momentum!

  2. The C25K is a 3-run-a-week plan. I knew something had changed when I found the energy to run every day for several days in a row. Some days I took it easy – didn’t go as far or as fast – but I could do it, every day, and just feel stronger. While I seem to be having a weight loss plateau of one sort, going around & around the same 2 pounds, I’m having an entirely different one exercise-wise, having reached a new high where I can sustain longer/faster/harder.

    You can do it – TAKE that mile and make it yours.

  3. I would love to be able to run 1 mile. I can ride 20 but running 11 feet causes me to pass out. 😛

    Congratz on passing me again. I was stuck at 167 and tomorrow I will be MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH higher after a temporary bout with insanity.

    Keep up the great work!

    • I am working on that Testy. I didn’t run today, but that was because I really needed to use that energry for shopping. Not the fun suff–the duty stuff. 😀

  4. You certaintly aren’t alone. You seem to have some smart people helping you so I won’t give you much advice. I will say this. Since I started really working hard at kickboxing, my energy is through the roof. I realize though that I have to be careful, because I’m not twenty anymore. If I take days off from hard workouts, and eat lean protein to help build more muscle I’m fine. I do walk everyday though. I’ve been told that you can walk and work on core every day. Years ago, I ran road races up to half-marathons. There is nothing like a runners high. I’m thinking of running again, but I’ll need to start very slowly. You’re running time will come, and when it does If you come flying by a big, middle aged man plodding along, please wave to me as you go by. I’ll be sure to wave back, and cheer you on. Great job. Talk to you later.

    • Patrick — I always LOVE your comments.

      They are so thoughtful and insightful. Thank you so much for taking the time to give such wonderful comments. You make me smile! 😀 It will be a while before I pass you by, but I would for sure wave and chat ya up for a second before I blew on by! 😉

  5. You are definitely NOT alone in how you are feeling! I started working with a personal trainer back in Nov. I used to dread trips to the gym.
    Now I actually look forward to my 2 times a week workout with him. I crave being pushed further than I thought I could ever go.
    I started doing a couch to 5k to 10k about a month ago. I’m already half way to a 5k and have to remind myself that I need to take a day off to recover.
    I’m bouncing off the walls at work and all I want to do is go run. I was never a runner. That’s why this is all so new and weird and fantastic to me.
    Keep up the good work! You aren’t a lone bunny!

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