I have NOT disappeared!

I took some days off to hang out with my honey before he left town.  He left town yesterday afternoon.  Sadness.  It just so happens today is my 24th Anniversary to the same goofy geek.  I love him more than words can truly express.  He is my life, my love, my friend … I just cannot imagine my life without him … and I look forward to our 50th anniversary knowing that I will love him even more then than I do today.

Mike is like the air that I breathe–Necessary.

Is Mike perfect?  NO.

    • He stinks when he works out–just like every guy I know.  What is with guy funk?  Am I the only one that thinks guy stinks are worse that girl stinks?
    • He is a often an A$$.  Just like every person I know.
    • He is sometimes completely insensitive to my needs and wants.  (I on the other hand am NEVER like that.  Wink,Wink)      😉    🙂
    • He can make me angrier than any other person on the planet.  ‘Cuz he seriously knows me.
    • I have to tell him, remind him, and then tell him again–to get anything out of him.
    • Even when I tell him that is often not enough to get through to him — I supply him with pictures and written instructions of the multiple options he can use–this works best.
    • He is clumsy
    • He is dorky
    • He writes beautifully, but when I ask him why he loves me–he says the same dorky statements that he has said a million times (cuz we tell each other this so many times a day and we ask these questions so many times a day–I think he could come up with new responses).
    • He makes rat faces when he smiles at me
    • He makes strange faces at me–that defy explanation
    • If he knows he has made me angry he can’t look at me straight — he develops a maddening sideways glance that makes me go ballistic!
    • He can’t answer a single question I fire at him when I am angry
    • He has let me down so many times and sometimes in catastrophic ways–I kinda bet he will again.
    • He can’t remember — oh wait I already said that one ..
You get the idea the list could go on and on.  Why do a love, adore, cherish, and feel like a can’t live without a man with so many flaws?  I love his wrinkles now, because they make him MINE.  He is my Mikey.  I love him with all his warts and wrinkles–even the ones that make me want to beat the livin’ tar out of him.  Why?  I don’t know exactly, but somewhere in the press of life these faults of Mike’s stopped being relationship destroying, and simply became … Mike.  They are a part of Mike that I wished in the early years didn’t exist … now … they just are.
Yes, his warts and wrinkles still tend to make me angry, but I know without a doubt that he is trying with every part of his being to be a better person every day.  So, some undefined day along life’s journey, I chose to forgive Mike his flaws, and love him as he was and is.
Mike is beautiful to me.  His spirit is empowerment to my soul.  His smile turns my heart flippy-floppy even now, and can make the pain of life’s terrible things fade in its glow.
What can I say?
    • He makes dorky poses for me after he works out to show off–his kinda sorta new muscles.
    • He cheers for me no matter how bad I suck.
    • He has always told me I was beautiful–and made me believe it–no matter my size.
    • He tells me how smart I am.
    • He braggs on my cooking.
    • He braggs on my craftiness.
    • He loves my writing and anything I chose to love.
    • He values my opinion above all others.
    • I can see he loves me in his eyes.
    • I can feel he loves me by how hard he works for our family–more than just the job.
    • I know he loves me when he wraps his strong arms around me even when I am a raging loony.
    • I love how he reminds me that I will be sweet again when I get some food in me instead of getting put out with me–I know I would get put out with me.  I know I can’t help it, but it is nice that he views it this way.
    • I am a demanding girl — he likes that.  Weird!  hahaha!

I simply cannot envision my life without him in it.  I like him.  I love him.  I will always want more of him! I hate it when he is away–like today.  I just plain old-fashioned-like the guy.  Miss you honey!

A date night Circa October 1987 -- love birds then and NOW. 😀

I think this was from my heaviest period 275-ish circa 2008

Me and Mikey January 2012. I am so Looking forward to another 50 years! 😀

Yep … still smilin’ …S

18 thoughts on “I have NOT disappeared!

  1. I am a blessed man to have my wife of 24 years point out my quirks (cough, cough–faults) and then say that this is endearing to her. THANK GOD! She is definitely endearing to me, and it would truly stink to have her not like me. I love you, babe. Thanks for the wonderful post!

    • I am so glad you have found what your father, and I have found. That makes me happier than you will ever know. I always want the very best for you — and I know you feel the same about Sophia! 😀 Can’t wait until we can dance at her wedding!

  2. The state fair button!!! LOVE IT!!!

    What a fantastic post – this is just so great I can’t stand it. You’re both so lucky to have such a strong marriage, and he is so lucky that you are able to shout it from the rooftops like this on your blog. What a love poem!

    And, you are absolutely right about how stinky they get. Double-yuck.

    • Hahaha … I am so glad I am NOT alone in the guy stink thing! Thanks for like my post to my Mikey. We are both very blessed, and we have both worked very hard to keep it here.

      you made me smile! 🙂

  3. Shonnie, are you sure that my wife didn’t send you a list of the things about me that bother her. The dorky and clumsy are surely on her list. The list sounds very familar. I wish you a happy anniversary, and many more to come. It seems that you have a winner. II’m sure he’s saying the same thing about you.

  4. This is THE BEST POST ever. I totally feel like that about my Husby. he drives me mad but I wouldn’t want it any other way. C x

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