The Dreded Weigh In Day … Don … Don … Don …

I hate weigh in days.  I hated weigh in days when I was losing almost 5 pounds a week.  You would think I would have gotten over that by now, but I haven’t.  I have to practice relaxing breathing before they take my blood pressure–just to sorta get an actual reading.  We have tried taking it after — that didn’t help — good news or bad I am hyped up and it will distort.  It is easier if I close my eyes and think soothing thoughts–but today one of my buds hubby was there crackin’ jokes, and I didn’t quite make it to relaxed for giggling so hard.  Giggling should help,  but for me it does not.  Why?  Well, because I forget to breathe!  I don’t know why–I am weird like that.

My weigh in was not great.  I gained back the 1.5 pounds I lost last week.  I was kind of thinking last week’s loss was a tad big, but, oh well.  With all the new training and foods that I am incorporating into my diet–this new upward mobility is not a HUGE surprise.  I kinda expected it.  I kept warning my hubby so he wouldn’t get worried about me (He worries about my getting discouraged).  When he called today he kept telling me how sexy I looked on my FaceBook pic (see why I keep him around–I’m NOT dumb! Just sayin’).

What did I do with my setback?  I kicked that setback in the REAR!  I took my super cool Cervelo out for a spin in my steeply hilled neighborhood.  I actually tried to take video with my phone — all I managed to get was video of the ground.  …And … my heavy breathing.  Smiling sheepishly …. hahaha!  Using your chest as a filming station doesn’t seem to work all that well.  I will have to come up with a new plan.  Don’t worry I have an Idea. I just hope I don’t make you sea sick.

Lest I become discouraged .... I need but look back to Jan. 2011 for inspiration.

Today, Feb. 21, 2012 ... I like the NEW and I am not discouraged. 🙂

I did get one photo out of my cycle attempts at movie making. I still got a smile on my face even if I could barely walk up the stairs without falling over. 🙂

Today, was one of those days where you didn’t get the news you wanted.  You didn’t get the reward you should have for all the hard work.  Still, you make the conscious choice to see your possibilities instead of your bumps in the road as walls you can’t jump over.

So ... THERE nasty old scale ... take that! I'm not goin' NO WHERE! Just sayin'! 😀

You guys have a GREAT rest of your Day!

14 thoughts on “The Dreded Weigh In Day … Don … Don … Don …

  1. You make me wana purr….

    On a serious note. I need to drop serious pounds before the race in June. And I think I just found my motivation. YOU!

    Looking great Shonnie. I’ll start my diary of training tomorrow. But I did ride today and I have managed to do the same 10 miles in 38 minutes. That’s almost 10 minutes faster

    • HAHAHAHA! you are such a nut! Love you! 😀
      That is really good. I don’t know if I can do that. I am gonna have to check. I know a few years ago I did 16.5 (weighing 255) in 1 hour 20 min because when I hit the wind side my body caught it like sail and cost me 20 min more than I had done at home. 😦

      keep me posted. You know I will be excited. Make someone take pics of you.

    • I love my Cervelo Desi! It was used, but she is cherished. She is also aluminum–which was better when I was heavier. Still …. she makes me feel all fast and sexy–even with my tummy rolls! I have my mental picture and I am NOT messin’ with it! 😀

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