Life is bitin’ me!

I just gave myself a challenge on my Diary of an Angry Fat Woman Facebook page (as If I had nothing going on)… for every like I get on my status I will ride a mile.  I could be in serious trouble.  Hehehehehehehe!  Oh … well … I wanted to join in the challenges.   If you would like to see how far I can ride in a session you could always go over and click LIKE.  haha!  I’ll take pics!

Hey … tell me what you do to keep yourself motivated?

I will be back later today … if I can move!  hehehehe!  Blessings Y’all!


18 thoughts on “Life is bitin’ me!

  1. I’ll deal with the motivation topic later… eh. Anyway, this is entirely for the turkey neck you’re always complaining about. A friend had me get a bottle of avocado oil from Whole Foods (it’s in the regular food section, not the healthy stuff section). I’ve been using it on myself and it’s very interesting. It’s not greasy (yeah!). As you may know, it’s very good for you… and even recommended for use as thus. But my hands, arms, and various other body parts are looking better. And it seems to work far better than shea butter so far. You could always try putting some on your turkey neck every night before bed. Then maybe your neck would be as beautiful to you as the all of you is to all of us. 🙂

    • likes on the status update that has it noted in it. I am not getting liked much … but that is OK. I can live with a measly 20 miles. I can do that in a hour or so. 😀

  2. Hi there ! I absolutely love the challenge !!! Would love to take it on later, after suezzing the bags of lemon I recently received !!! LOL ! I like a lot of your posts so please don’t curse me when running ’cause I am going to kick your ass on the running track !!! 😉 Nutty WonderMya C.

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