Trainer Nazi Time

I really have this one down.  With our family business I get a chance to be afraid almost everyday.  Raising children is a scary dream as well.  Then, I find that I put myself constantly in the position to be challenged and afraid–because I workout with Donna “The Trainer Nazi” Jones.  I am off to see her in a few secs.  So this is gonna be short and probably filled with errors.  Forgive me.  I wanted someone to know what I was doing in case I never came back you would know where to start looking.

Well, ... I hope I can talk at all after today.

Heck … I might not ever be able to think much less type about it.  If I can post an update–I will.  If you don’t hear from me for two days … call out the coast guard.  Not really since I don’t live near water … AND Mikey gets home today! YEA!  YEA!  Doin’ back flips (in my mind) over here.

I keep telling myself this ... over and over. 🙂

See … I surround myself with motivators so that hopefully I keep moving forward.  I can do this.  I can do this … I can do this.

BYE Y’all …. I hope I see you later.  S

10 thoughts on “Trainer Nazi Time

  1. You made me smile. I loved the line “Short and full of errors”. I thought it would make a great title for an autobiography. I’m here so you know I’m always cheering you on and celebrating your increadible guts. Your’e an inspiration

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