Am I Nuts?

I’m sitting here outside the reformer room door and all every fiber of my being is asking the question: Why?
I love how it makes me feel after the fact.
I love muscles as opposed to flabby floppy flesh.
Mikey tells me I’m sexy when I work out.
My body hurts really bad if I don’t workout.
It hurts when I workout but in a way that makes me feel strong.
I like the calm that settles over my person after a workout. That is if I have food quick enough that the stark-raving-mad-woman doesn’t show up. Even then once I feed her calm will settle in.

So, I guess I am just plain addicted cuz I like tha high. So here I sit in willful agreement to submit to the subjugation of my flesh.


If I look tired that’s because I am tired!! I woke up twice last night. Dang it! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Am I Nuts?

  1. yes you are nut, a healthy nut and you crack me up with your question…
    i love the pain of the work out, i tell myself it is goodness and tough love to myself and it makes my body stronger. Overall I keep suffering before I know it will vanish from my mind as soon as I stop exercising and i’ll only feel the exhilaration of the efforts.

  2. The waking up part seems to come with age no matter how busy you are during the day……just have to accept and try to go back to sleep……you are doing wonderful girl! thanks for the updates…

  3. I’m about to go subjugate my flesh in a new class – trying to adapt to morning (well, 9:45 is more like morning-ish) exercise. Getting there is the hardest part. Here’s to us both going through the door & getting it DONE today!

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