Just wanted to say hey!

I wanted to let you know I am alive … well, sort of alive.  I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off doing this thing and that thing.  I have all this home redo stuff to finish before my GIRL FRIENDS get here on FRIDAY!  Yea!  Then my kiddo’s from Alaksa come for a visit the following week.  Can’t have paint fumes in the house with a baby.  So …. happily working my TAIL off.

I have been working on the rooms–painting and the like–when I wasn’t completely flopped on my butt from WHAT Donna did to ME last week.  I would have been done if I wasn’t so DANG DEAD!  I drug all through the weekend chores.  It was tough … Whine … Whine …. Whine.  Just joshin’ ya — loved my workouts, but they kinda slowed my brain and my body up A LOT!

Can I share with you a little secret?  Okay, I thought you would let me … DON’T do MAJOR workout changes when you have NOT seen your hubby in a week.  HINT … kinda ruins sexy time!  Just Sayin’!  You might look sexy in yo outfit but yo butt/rear/rumpas just ain’t got no energy–not when you go all out balls-to-the-wall-breakdown-your-body workouts 3 days in a ROW (while doing home remodel–kinda wears ya OUT)!  All different stuff guys — not breaking down the same sets of muscles — I am smarter than that.

I think.  😀

I just wanna curl up in my yummy pink robe and go to SLEEP! Maybe next week. 😉

Life’s good … I am one HAPPY GIRL … just in case you wondered.

OH … holding my weight same as last week … there won’t be an official weigh in today, because I have too much on my plate this week.


14 thoughts on “Just wanted to say hey!

  1. I’m remodeling too, and just joined a fitness center so I could add lifting weights and more cardio… You’re right, it’s has left my sexy time on the way back burner, especially since in a house with 7 kids you have to be awake at 2am to pull that off anyway! LOL

    • Thanks Ducky! I am hangin in here. I had to cut my workouts down because of all the “gettin’ ready” I have been doing. I am so excited–just wish my body would hang like I want it too. I am so excited about my girls coming an then my kiddo’s! Lot of work but WELL worth it.

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