Booty Pumps

My hooker heals.

No, it’s not shoes!

Hahah … although … I bet my hooker heels would make my legs look HOT if I were willing to wear a swim suit with them … WHICH I, AM that bold.  I know you all think that I am super bold, but I about had a heart attack when I wore them for my 30th High School reunion with my knee length skirt. Mikey kept telling me I looked great … so I pretended that I was confident.  I think I am convincing because everyone always believes I am … I digress.

I blame it on the “Booty Pumps”.  My brain isn’t working because of the Booty Pumps.  It is all Donna’s fault, never mind that I pay her to punish me.   She is mean.  She is evil.  I told her when she was doing this to me that her name would become a swear word every time I spoke her name for the next few days. She laughed, this is why I say she is evil, and said I love it when you say that.  We aren’t going to analyze why I pay for this treatment right now.  We will leave that for another day.  Back to the Booty Pumps.

What are Booty Pumps?   I worked out with Donna today, that should tell you everything you need to know. Still, I am so glad you asked, let me try to explain.  As you know, we have been trying different machines to do my squats.   Because of a thrice broken tail bone I have ISSUES, and, well I can’t lift any heavier weights on the machine I use now.  Way too much pain.  Then improper form, which will lead to injuries in other areas.  This means I am stuck, unless we can find a new way for gimp girl to do her squats. We tried to use the “traditional” squats (she called them by name–I can’t remember the name.), BUT I have three spinal injuries, weak knee, and problems with my shoulders, so those were out even with modifications I couldn’t do it.  We found a way, that doesn’t jack with my shoulders, where I can protect my knees, AND I am able to lift without pain to my tailbone!  YEAH!


Yep, forced rest! 😀

Well, … sort of.  We played with it.  I am now limping around.  Parts of my butt hurt that I did not know could hurt.  She also snuck in some stuff with my arms and I feel like a blinkin’ noodle.  So …. For those of you who wonder if I rest.  Today, I couldn’t escape it.  Tons of stuff to do and girlfriend HAD to rest!  😀

Oh, and Booty Pumps are those things that work your rear end, in case you didn’t catch that.  I think I am a little drunk from the workout.

check Y’all Later!  S

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