I lingered too long

I had a window of energy that called to me … it called me outside.  Then, Mikey called.  He asked me to wait for him when he called back.  So, I sat here and watched my window of desire pass by to be replaced with fatigue.  Now, I have to stir myself to get up and get out in the sunshine.  I know I will feel better when I do, but today is just one of those days that the mood left me.

I guess we all have those days.  I am genuinely tired from lots of activity, but Not in the mood to get out and get active.  I need to, because I indulged in some carbs for energy that have now bitten me in the rumpass, because I waited for the Mike-ster wanted me to wait for him.  I kinda like the guy so … I waited.  I kinda missed him.  I know he is home, but business is so good I barely see him.  Can’t really complain about that either.  So … gotta stir my lazy-from-carb-consumption-butt up and outside!  😀

I will post some pics of my adventure!

laters ….S

5 thoughts on “I lingered too long

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  2. I hate when that happens Shonnie, and it happens often in my house. I wake up ready to go tackle the world and then get bogged down in taking care of others. I feed my goats, then the dogs, then the birds, then my handsome cowboy and by the time I’m finished, I’ve lost the impetus to get on the treadmill. I’m a morning gal, so my remedy was to get up very early and take that time just for me. It used to work until we recently moved the treadmill into the bedroom! (Now I use that time to get a lot of reading done.) If you feel the urge you gotta get out and go…easier said than done!

    • it is easier said than done. I have gotten better at doing that over the years, but I have seriously missed my hunny bunny and well … I sat around like a ding dong and waited.

      Thanks for the comment Donna! Really appreciate that I am not alone in this.

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