Update on Today

Managed to get my butt moving and outside for a WALK/RUN. 🙂

It was a challenge, but I faced down my lazy butt and got it moving.  I am not a lazy person but I was having a lazy moment thang goin’ on.  As promised from today’s earlier post, I have come back with some pics for your viewing pleasure.


I am happier than I look. I did learn something today: when you take a picture of your shadow you should zip up your pockets if you don't want to look preggers. 😀

I did have fun.  It was good to get out in the sunshine.  It was just a tad chilly.  I have a hankering to get on my bike, but I am still a little tuckered out from the 3 mile walk/run.  I took a few new paths to confuse my body more and make the bod have to use new muscles.  😀

I have to say ... love seeing the spring flowers begin to emerge on the trees in the hood. 😀


Did you get out and get moving today?  If so, what did you do?



7 thoughts on “Update on Today

  1. Thanks for these posts! Good reminders filed away to be used on myself later:
    1. Don’t let the energy/urge to go slip through your fingers.
    2. Do go anyway if you can’t find your motivation.
    Now off to decide what comes next. Back to sleep? Walk? Run? Based on your post I’m going to cross “back to sleep” off the list.

  2. Hi Shonnie: Good for you! I did get out some today for as much walking and sunshine as my RA would allow. Back on Enbrel and will someone please fix our medical system in this country. I pay $300 a month in insurance premiums and my one month co pay on Enbrel is $718.00…Newt Gingrich did this to us when he lobbied to have Medicare not permitted to negotiate with drug companies as other insurance plans do. !!!! Even the VA negotiates

      • The $300 is resonable and the best coverage we can get it’s the go pays which are a joke..
        $718.00 a month for one medicine alone…Dick has 10 prescriptions and I have 3..and living on social security plus savings. Goes fast. No matter how you take care of yourself as you age medicine keeps you going.

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