Cycling time at tha beach

Ok … So I’m happily writing and texting pictures at the beach when this old perv comes up and touches my arm. Completely shattering my peaceful moment. Why did I call him a perv? Cuz after touching me, uninvited, he suggested I come to the beach at dark for a skinny dip. What??? He could barely walk.

I guess I could give him an A plus for effort.



I’m curious do I have a sign that says touch me and proposition me on me any where??


10 thoughts on “Cycling time at tha beach

  1. Shonnie – you are an inspiration to me and a joy to read. I always look forward to your posts and wonder what you are up to when I don’t see any from you for a couple days. It’s odd because your posts are so forthright, open and honest I feel like I know you, yet you wouldn’t know me from Adam! Because of you I want to get back on a bicycle and after I mentioned it to a friend, a used bike arrived, new to me and free! Nothing fancy but I think it will work just right for me. Now that it’s here and I’ve managed to budget for a helmet, lock and tire pump, I need to get over my fear of being seen trying to ride a bicycle after not being on one for 15+ years. I decided to look at your bicycling pictures to see how your helmet fit…I thought you had posted one or two with your helmet on and since I was here looking and it was because of you, I decided I would post this note and say hi. Keep doing what you’re doing lady! You’re getting there, I can tell πŸ™‚ Happy Easter! And Happy Passover too!


    • Tricia–you made my DAY. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me such a sweet comment.

      Don’t worry about how you look (even though I did at times too) just do like I did when I was 260-ish. Tell yourself they won’t see you long enough to recognize you. I hope it makes you happy like it does me. I can be straight out mad an 30 min in I’m smiling again.

    • Well … I wasn’t riding ON the beach but down the hwy by it. I would LOVE to have one of those Surly Pugsley –if that is the bikes with the HUGE tires–to ride down the beach. I had stopped to take a pic when the guy had grabbed me. πŸ˜€

      I prefer keeping up with the cars rather than dodge the lolly gagging bodies on the bike path. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. You made me smile.

  2. Yuck. No one deserves to have their peace invaded like that. In the best case scenario, he was trying to pay you a compliment, but people ought to know by now that touching a stranger and suggesting a rendez vous is NOT a compliment. It is 2012, perv dude!

    What a beautiful beach photo!

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