On The Road Again … I just …

I’m not sure I really wanted to be on the road again, but I was sure that I wanted to be with my MIKEY, and I LOVE THE BEACH. We have picked up some cleaning clients along the Gulf Coast, and, well, someone has to suffer along side Mike as we figure out the route. 😀

I am SO the girl for the job. Just sayin.

Yesterday, I worked out the butt kicking I gave myself on Tuesday. It was painful but it helped.


Yep, that’s me waiting to be tortured. Want you all to see I am not falling off the wagon just because I am not losing. I have found that NOT losing is hard on you mentally. It is hard to be happy that you are maintaining your weight after a year if loosing. I’m starting to look fat to me. Judging from the picture that isn’t the case. My clothes still fit. I still have a few pudgy areas, but I am in a heathy zone. So why do you think my mind sees a fat girl? I know I am NOT FAT anymore, but sometimes what I see in the mirror is a fluffy girl instead of the healthy girl I am.

Am I alone in this?


Thought we could used a break from the serious questions with a pic of me and my grand daughter sewing.

My grand girly helped me sew curtains for the guest room her new baby cousin will stay in. She would take the pins out for me. She was very serious about her job.  What fun!!

Now back to living a healthy life. Let me show you my 495 cal salad. It was so yum I almost licked the plate!!  That 495 includes an ounce of corn chips.  I know the Corn Chips and Yogurt take out of being a pure paleo meal, but I LOVED it!



This is our version of taco salad. I make a lean beef and turkey breast spicy meat mixture and add yummy greens, tomato, AVOCADO, and a glop of Greek yogurt. Yummmmm!!!

I am going to try and catch up with you all at the next stop. 🙂

I forgot to tell you–in a bit Mike will be dropping me off in Destin to cycle around.

4 thoughts on “On The Road Again … I just …

    • The salad was Major YUMMY. I love the beach even when it is rainy. I know I am crazy but … I love it. 😀 Up to this point we have not made it there and I have to decide if I am going to get dropped off. I am thinking I need the activity of the bike ride — so Probably gonna hop off and ride around.

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