Work is a four letter word ….

Don't even get me started! 😉

Sadly … One should NEVER post ones work without CHECKING it first.  I was just so excited that I could post I just Clicked the POST IT without thinking!!  Now, back to the original post …

Also, work–it pays for life and fun, so we can’t curse it too loudly–it might curse back!  YIKES.  Yesterday was seriously fun (except for the old perv), so I guess I shouldn’t gripe too bad about todays harsh work reality.  I just had my heart set on another spin along the gulf coast listening to the waves crashing into the beach as I peddled by.  Alas, it was not to be so.

Another FOUR letter word is: NO SIGNAL!  I know that isn’t for letters or even one word, but it did make me long to use a few choice French words (you know as in, Pardon my French–I am going to have to find out why we say that).  My phone is acting weird since the latest update and won’t allow me to comment on folks blogs when I read them.  All I can do is LIKE them.  I am glad I can do that, but I have had a few fun comments that I have NOW forgotten because that is what happens to my thoughts when left unspoken for too long–they disappeared like a vapor–with no eveidence they were ever there.  I was going to walk around a bit and work off dinner, but when Mike said we had good signal I just had to hop on here and give you all a shout.

I knew, you would be in pain if I didn’t drop you a line.  Wink. Wink.

Along the dieting lines, I have had to work just a tad to eat clean, and stay away from the junk.  There is just something about a road trip that spells JUNK FOOD TIME. I have been amazingly good.  Take tonights dinner. I was hungry for some protein. We can’t cook.  We are driving.  I had to get creative.  ost fast food just will NOT stay on our tummies now–we have eaten good food too long.  Sit down places would take too long and could cause problems too.  Success at the store where we stopped–there were some roasted chickens that were freshly cooked!  Score!  I had roasted chicken breast and fresh red bell peppers, a square of chocolate and two prunes for dinner.   We have tried to eat things like fresh fruit, carrots, avocado’s and tomatoes with basil and cilantro.  I know that sounds crazy, but we are cleaning grocery store window fronts so I have ample opportunity to eat fresh.  I just buy what we can eat for the moment.   We have even had some greek yogurt, nuts, some organic/no preservative sandwich meats (felt really blessed to find those), and Mike has had granola bars.

I will catch you all on the flip side. 😀

Eating on this road trip has almost been EASY.  Yeah, I have had some cheese and crackers, and one round of wine, but over all we have eaten well.  I am pretty excited about this.  Kinda had to brag on myself.  I have had a great week.  I lifted before I left.  Reformed my body with Donna, and rode my bike for hours yesterday, and I have walked and even jogged once around several parking lots.  Dang — I’m tootin’ my own horn today aren’t I.  Well, heck, I sure think it beats whining!

Blessings Y’all!


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