Ok … I have had MAJOR computer glitches

I Wannted to say …

I am so sorry to my blog buddies!

I had strange things happen to my phone that reblogged every blog I read–several times.  Then, when I tried to clean up the multipuls it completely deleted everyone of them!!  NUTS!  Juesseppi–I even lost your sweet comments.

Forgive me!

I have had a VERY busy three weeks to a month.  I feel like I have been lost in a whirlwind of activity.  I am going to share with you my Facebook post so you kinda get where I am coming from.  NO–just in case you are wondering–I am NOT going to hop on a scale.  I just put my kiddo’s on a plane after thinking they were going to move here … that I am on a blog at ALL is enough being bold and courageous after everything I have done over the last few weeks.

My reblog of my facebook page:

Hope you all have been having a great Three weeks while I have been GONE. MIA. I have had a house full of people. Food has been everywhere. I was mostly good and stayed pretty active. Still — I kinda surrendered to the food today (if I am honest–several times over the last few days). I was just too tired to work at it today–I ate what was easy and available. Tomorrow … girlfriend is back at the workouts, and life in the healthy lane.

Do I feel guilty? No
Do I feel like I failed myself? NO
Do I wish I had planned better — well– YEAH!
I’m human and couldn’t make all my plans happen–I kept a pretty close eye on things — and tomorrow is MY day to get back at my LIFE–my way.

I Will do it!


Do you beat yourself up when life throws you more balls than you can handle? I used to, but I KNOW I have made a life change … how about you?

I feel pretty good about me that I can see I have been through life’s wringer washer, and I know that it hasn’t caused me to lose focus.  In about a week, I will brave the scale … maybe … hahaha … not really.  I will get on the scale.



15 thoughts on “Ok … I have had MAJOR computer glitches

  1. I don’t quite understand whats going on Shonnie…but when a woman mentions my name and sweet in the same sentence, My ears perk up. Whats going on over there Sexy Shonnie?

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