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I am very concerned with they way of company advertise their products. Especially in my home-country, Indonesia.  Not only in Indonesia actually, it is happen in many countries. This can be the longest post in wordpress history if I wrote all off that stupidity here. That is why I put (1) in this post title. We will start to discuss it one by one , even though  my expertise is far beyond this field (and perhaps you too) there are some valid sources we can learn 😉 .


Have you ever heard about antibiotic/antibacterial soap advertise? Antibiotic soap is any cleaning product to which active antibacterial ingredients have been added. These chemicals kill bacteria andmicrobes, but are no more effective at deactivating viruses than any other kind of soap or detergent, and they also kill nonpathogenic bacteria. This type of soap should only used for surgery in pre-surgical procedure  in laboratory to prevent infection and…

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  1. I believe it’s true with regard to other medications as well. For years I had bouts of IBS that would just hit me out of the blue and had nothing to do with what I ate. When I stopped taking unnecessary prescription medications it totally cleared up. I think a lot of Americans are over-medicated and, in some cases, causes other problems like this.

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