As I sit in our truck waiting for Mike to return with the window cleaning bucket he forgot I decided to drop you all a note from the road


Yep, that’s my feet with compression socks on to keep from swelling on the drive down. Sexy. Not swelling IS sexy–just sayin.

I got my bike to motor around at the beach. Wonder if I can shed a few of my expansion pounds?

We have been stretching outside our business comfort zone with expansion. This has left little time for caring for Shonnie. Our business growth has lead to some weight growth for me. Not terrible, but bad enough to make me nervous, and start to hyper focus on getting order into my schedule before this can get out of hand.

I’m hoping a day of saddle time will help correct some of my issues. I know helping mike clean windows will help too. As long as I don’t over eat from exhaustion.

That is me contemplating helping mike with these windows — they’re a LOT Of them. Poor baby. ….

So, I went and helped him, cuz i just rock like that, not to mention it is good toning work for your arms. Ugh…the guy collecting the carts just about ripped my arm off by catching his buggies on my pole. He got mad at me for asking him to stop. Oh well, At least Mikey appreciated my help, but I still quit on that note.

Growing pains hurt. Stretching hurts. Exertion hurts. For a while. Then, your body learns to adapt. You grow stronger, and you hopefully become wiser and more skillful … If you press through the pain and don’t quit that is.

Me wind blown and dreaming of cycle time. I just got called SEXY by my husband as he planted a kiss on my lips for my incredible brain! Hehe. I reminded him to sell. He just picked up a new client. Sometimes I am so good I scare myself. Hehehe! Wink. Wink.

I’m being good and drinking shakes, eating lean meat, eating veggies, and going light on the nuts. Can I tell you I DON’T FEEL like being good?

You guys behave till I can check on you … Ya hear? S

3 thoughts on “Expansion

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  2. Well girl, you ARE sexy even if you aren’t skinny minny. And sometimes it’s ok to be BAD.

    Looking good. I’ve been AWOL as well…it happens!!!

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