Chillin’ at Starbucks


I’m sitting here sipping my green tea. I have finished eating my scone from a local bakery. I know you shouldn’t do that, but I don’t need another sweet treat.

I AM SORE!!! I have ridden somewhere in the neighborhood of 38 to 45 miles today. Some of it was sprinting. I was seriously proud of my ability to keep up with this woman riding her sleek street bike when I was on my MUCH heavier Trek Crosstrainer–WITH a fully loaded basket I might add. I was feeling totally Bad A$$! Pardon the wordy dird, but I was riding a high from that one.

I only had three people try to kill me today. One, however, was a dump truck. Yeah. Talk about scary!! They almost smashed into the car in front of them. Why they just HAD to pass me coming up to a stop sign is beyond me. I still think stuffing my top with rocks sounds tempting, but I have yet to take justice into my own hands. I am valiantly leaving them to Gods judgement; for now.




Don’t be a hatin on me cuz my job takes me ta the beach. Oh, OK. Go ahead and hate on me … I would if I were you.


12 thoughts on “Chillin’ at Starbucks

  1. That was one long bike ride! I rode about 10 miles yesterday and had a Jeep nearly clip me. My butt is still sore. Congrats to you on that epic ride and for not getting killed! 😉

    • The cars are the scariest part of riding–well–next to pedestrians who step out in front of you without looking. I love riding though. 🙂

      Thanks for saying that was an epic ride. 🙂 I need to keep things in perspective. I was able to ride for 60 or more miles a year ago, but I haven’t been able to this year.

  2. OK, every time you post a photo of you at the beach, I dig in a little deeper with my plan to stage a 3-day escape (well, I’m calling it a retreat) from the day-to-day. I’m a little nervous about driving 10 hours to the Destin area, but nervous b/c of my car, not my ability. Think I need to make it happen.

    • I hope you come down when I will be there. That would be such a fun place to have a meet. :D. I would try not to be too stinky from my cycle over to meet you. Cuz that’s how I get around. :-). Doesn’t that sound fun??

      • I would be a-OK with a stinky post-bike meet, because that’s kind of how I roll these days, running around in my post-exercise glow. I am probably pushing the bounds of propriety with where I go post-exercise, but life is short. I’ll keep you posted on my plans. I’m hoping that by continuing to talk about it, I’ll manage to make it happen.

  3. Great job on your ride today! That is awesome! After my run I plan on cycling but I am scared of the crazy ass Oklahoma Drivers! lol. I am jealous of the beach though! Great pics! Hope you have an awesome weekend!

    All the best,

    • Man. I get scared of drivers everywhere. It works best is you own the road where they have to slow down or pass in the other lane. Have fun and be safe.

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