Workin’ at Tha Beach

Today’s post won’t be filled with cool beach scenes. Heck, there may not be too many pics at all. Cuz today is a WORK DAY for me.

Mikey likes having me along even when I don’t help him clean. Like I didn’t do at this stop. I was feeling a little puny. Something I ate yesterday didn’t like me. Or it could have Possibly been the glass…ok maybe the bottle of wine I drank with dinner (not all at once–but over hours) that got me. I think the two did not mix and erupted out of me with violence. Won’t be doing that again for a while.

Don’t be tellin me shame, shame. I was hurting after two days of cycling while hauling stuff. Just sayin’ I was trying to fix my boo boo’s … It didn’t work. I made it worse.

There is always an amazing view from my office window (the truck)–all I have to do is wait for it to appear.

I’ve lost my place and am not sure what pic is above with this mobile wp app. Sorta lacking these days. I know I put a photo of the man I love on here somewhere. He is seriously cute to me…might be why I follow him around being a helper. :-D. Even though I kinda like it better when I am being taken care off better.

I’m gonna go before I get sick again from trying to type while we bounce down the road. Gahaggg.


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