Were have I been?

Lost in warp space.

Actually, I slept off and on all day on Monday.  Tuesday, was only slightly better.  Today, I went to the store twice to get things I forgotten on earlier errand runs, and still I forgot the much needed items.  I’ve been walking around in a mental fog.  I’m here, but not quite up to par.

Maybe cleaning windows is tougher than I thought, expecially when coupled with two days of bike riding.

I have taken pics, and Have all kinds of things I want to share, and talk over with you all.  I should be back in business tomorrow.  I hope anyway!



9 thoughts on “Were have I been?

  1. My lovely lovely Shonnie…. you are looking so amazing and beautiful – you put me to shame! To see you still exercising and being positive when I have fallen so far off track it just isn’t funny!!!! I need to have a good catch up with your blog! Sending you love and hugs xxx

    • Thank you, but you are not seeing the weight gain. YUCK. With all the stressors we had over the last month and a half — well — it is good that I only gained what I did. 😀 Glad to have you back! 😀

      • Thank you – it’s good and bad to be back lol but soooo good to catch up with old friends 😀 Okay well… I have looked at your photos and you look amazing I haven’t seen what you’ve gained yet – but I know you’re going to lose it!!! 🙂 xxx

  2. I think there is a mental fog hanging all along the Gulf coast – I, too, have found myself wandering into rooms to do … something … get … something … for the past couple of days. I need to get some snap back!

    I’m always surprised at how sore I get after unofficial exercise, like cleaning out the closet or such, so no surprise that cleaning windows would knock you out. Lunging, stretching, all of that reaching up & down, it definitely counts as a work-out, and while you might only do a formal gym workout for 30 minutes, you can spend HOURS on chores & cleaning without realizing it.

    Let’s hope this fog rolls on elsewhere. With you, sister!

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